Frequency Response History

RESIDENT ADVISOR have just launched their ‘Frequency Response’ series in association with AIAIAI headphones; a 3-part series in which a select group of producers are asked to create a piece of music based on a shared, unique experience.  The experience and ultimately the music will be led by elements of history, art and video with Project One focusing on history and featuring three Berlin based artists – ModeselektorLaurel Halo and Lotic.

The idea is simply this – each of the artists are exposed to a stimulus and then use this experience to shape their music.  In this instance Project One is based on Berlin’s Teufelsberg (translation: ‘Devils Mountain’), the highest point of elevation in the city built out of World War II rubble and hiding an unfinished Nazi military college.  The remains of the site house dilapidated buildings and radar domes from the Cold War era, providing a strong contrast to the surrounding views of natural beauty. Each of the artists paid a visit to the site to take in the environment and translate their feelings and experience into music.

As you might expect, the results are unique –  Modeselektor have created an eerie, minimalist piece with industrial undertones; Laurel Halo’s is a percussive number with punchy bass and drifting samples; Lotic’s piece starts fragmented and broken but comes together with a tense build at the end.


We think it’s a very interesting concept and it’s intriguing to see some a common minimalist and industrial feel to each of the pieces – something you may have expected having taken a look at pictures of the site.  For more details, including a piece on each of the artists’ reactions and some stunning pictures of the Teufelsberg site, check out the Resident Advisor Frequency Response page.

We’re intrigued to see where RA go with the next two projects…



BLOND:ISH fans get excited. The talented duo have just dropped edition one of their very own radio show ‘the SPACE_BTWN’ – stream below or grab a free download by following THIS LINK and signing up to their newsletter. The 70min show features music the pair are currently into plus features like the Stalker Sessions, “where we showcase a producer from the result of our stalking sessions online looking for new or unreleased tracks”, and OMwork, “where we dig a little deeper with some meditative thinking man’s electronica”. It’s a beautifully put together selection that will give your ears some new and cosmic sounds. Doesn’t seem to be a track list though which would be cool…

They have also announced the release date for their debut full-length ‘Welcome To The Present’. The 11 track release promises tracks with ‘psychedelic and spiritual influences’ and not just peak-time bangers. We can’t wait to get lost in some mind-altering magic music. It’s out on 23 October so keep your eyes peeled.


kittencast 05.15

London based DJ & producer KatrinKa has a talent for producing wonderfully deep & emotive music which has found the support of big name artists such as Nichole Moubader, DJ T, Guy J and B. Traits.  She is signed to Chapter 24 Records with previous releases on labels Steyoyoke and Spirit Soul Records and is also a regular on the line up at Chaper 24’s London based Gather Round parties (the next of which is 12th September – details here).

We’re excited to share this Kittencast with you and Katrinka’s sound fits with our recent run of deep and melodic techno mixes.  Enjoy.

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Katrinka on soundcloud / facebook / Chapter 24

=^..^= tracklisting =^..^=
Sam Pauli & Reiver – Aspice {KatrinKa Edition} [Chapter 24 Records]
QUARTZ – Crystals {Melokolektiv Edition} [Chapter 24 Records]
Martin Vidal – Lost [Constant Circles]
Nick Devon – Don’t Be Afraid feat. Benji (Animal Picnic Remix) [Steyoyoke Black]
Danny Oliveira – Stargazer {David Alexander Edition} [Chapter 24 Records]
Andy Bros – Vento (Original Mix) [Diynamic]
Rico From Paris, Steve Sanx – Danse Space (Original Mix) [Bimini Records]
Climbers – French Connection (Original Mix) (audio tonic Records)
Edit Revenge – Vicious Love (Original Mix) [Noir Music]
Audiofly – Chiaroscuro (Original Mix) [Supernature]


jumping cat

This instalment of awesome new tracks is full of beefy club bangers with big beats and bad bass. They’re putting some spring in our step this week. Hit play and have a little dance around (or just do some head nodding if you’re sitting at your desk)…

Dyone | Only Love Can Set U-Free (Bicep Remix) – warm chords and vocals equal big bouncy track
Harvey McKay | Wrong Turn – deep tech doing great in da clubs
Hot Since 82 | State – big and throbbing
Dusky | Squeezer – sweet and
Hunger/Game | Utopia – dangerous and twisted
Ran Salman | Anamnesis – epic spaced-out sounds from the Steyoyoke crew
Coyu & Edu Imbernon | El Baile Aleman (Patrick Topping Remix) – a seriously tantalising drop and nice vocal samples
Hot Since 82 | Play The Room  – a real smooth groove
Partok Matushka Apfelberg | Nai Nai – funk-laced house
Hot Chip | Need You Know (Moonlight Matters Remix) – let’s get housey!
Nicolas Jaar | Tourists (Creange Remix) – delicate and exotic
Kije Manito | Ctwo – sultry dub, cute vocals
Ferreck Dawn | Superman (Radio Edit) – puts a smile on your face


Anja Schneider - Circle Culture

‘Circle Culture’ is ANJA SCHNEIDER’S first release of 2015 and it’s a beaut! Title track ‘Circle Culture’ builds tension slowly, teasing us with hypnotic beats and tinkling melodies. Anja makes full use of the slow build, working in a lengthy atmospheric moment before a subtly mesmerising drop. It’s blissful and full of ethereal energy with a touch of the signature Schneider bounce. The remix comes from Konstantin Sibold & Leif Muller. The pair take it to a darker place, with trippy twisted vocal samples, heightened tension and a grittier, pacier sound for the dancefloor. ‘The Squaring’, a second original track from Anja, is a smouldering blend of breakbeats and techno. Again she uses drawn out tension to build a heightened exotic atmosphere; the track is raw and dubby and a little bit dangerous. A sensual and emotive EP from one of our favourite techno artists.

out now | but it here


Alan Fitzpatrick - U Said U

ALAN FITZPATRICK is back with a pretty mega 3-track release – it’s bomb heavy! ‘Love Siren’ is deep and steamy with powerful builds and drops; definitely a dance floor winner. ‘U Said U’ is my fave from the release. Celestial vocals hum over a meaty bass line providing a great contrast of sounds. It’s sleazy and pretty at the same time and the pumping beats are killer. Wrapping it up ‘Rumours’ sure ain’t no filler track, it’s filled with a lush crescendoing melody that builds tension and drama for a great emotive dance floor workout. Strong sounds from the DRUMCODE star!

out now | buy it here



We had a quick chat with duo CAPULET (aka Christopher & Lucas) ahead of  their appearance at EASTERN ELECTRICS festival…

Our readers will recognise you from your involvement with London’s Troupe imprint – how long have you been part of the Troupe family for?

We actually started the Troupe movement. It’s great to be a part of. We are starting to get the label family rolling really nicely with friends such as Kalyde, Whitesquare and Latmun releasing soon.

As a DJ duo do you ever clash in the studio or behind the decks, or is it a pretty smooth ride? How exactly did you guys meet and decide to start making music together?

We argue more when we are DJing, normally about who gets to play a new track we’ve found. We met through partying in London four years ago and had the same ideas and taste in music. Our last release was about a year ago and we’ve been working very hard since on around 10 tracks which will go out over the year. 

You’ve just released your latest single ‘Crazy For Your Love’, a deep melodic house cut that features the vocals of Tertia May – how did that collaboration come about? Who approached who? Any more releases in the pipeline? 

We actually released ‘Crazy For Your Love’ as a demo on our Soundcloud page and it got a lot of love. Tertia has an amazing voice. We are actually planning to release the track on an EP with another track feat Get Along Gang in the next six months. We have edited the track quite significantly to fit with the sounds of the label we are signing to. The bottom line of the track with the killer chord has been used for another more underground club track. We tend to take quite a lot of time on tracks before fully releasing them.

You’re playing the Star of EE Pub Stage at Eastern Electrics on 1st August, you must be pretty excited for this one. Have you been to EE before?

Cant wait to play at the festival and the after party. We’ve been to EE for the last two years. Got loads of new music to play. Really excited to play at such an amazing event and celebrate summer with lots of happy people. 

We were last down at EE a couple of years ago so we’re looking forward to heading down again this year. Are you going to be hanging around? Which artists will you be checking out?

I think we will be spending a lot our day in the Switchyard, we love the sounds of Tini and the Fuse lot. We’ve also really rated sets from Richy Ahmed recently and we are very into Floorpan and Midland so always excited to see them. Also looking forward to bumping into pals we’ve played with this year like Citizenn and Boddika who are amazing performers and really good fun.

What else have you got planned for the summer?

We are going to be working really hard in the studio every week to get lots of music finished so we can have a really consistent run of music out in stores. We missed out on releasing a few belters for summer so really focused to take Capulet to the next level. We’re really looking forward to regular trips to Ibiza and Croatia which are buzzing at the moment.

And the question we ask everyone, if you were techno kittens for the day what would you get up to?

We’ve just got back from Barcelona for Sonar. If we were a techno kitten we’d jump in a time machine forwards to next June’s event as it was incredible and we can’t wait to go back. Such an incredible blend of city, music, culture, food, beach… Can’t really beat it… Other than a day and night at EE that is!!

Eastern Electrics festival takes place in London on 1st August and Capulet will be playing alongside Jamie Jones, Boddika, Crazy P and many many more | view the full line-up and buy tickets here


Gertie - Semper

Our favourite techno heads GERTIE have got an EP out and it’s a smasher. Four tracks; two originals, two remixes. Title track ‘Semper’ is energetic dancefloor techno true to the duo’s style; vocal samples add soul and they nail it with the tantalising builds. JON GURD gives the track a remix delivering a chunkier more progressive version. Original track deux ‘Bowden’ is bouncy, upbeat techno that you can really throw some shapes to. The remix for this one comes from HORATIO who takes it to darker, deeper places. Luvin’ it.

out now | buy here


two cats-one roar

This little selection of ten totally dreamy tracks is oh so very very nice. Lots to love! Hit play, find a new artist to follow, find a new track to dance to – you’re going to love this lot…

1. Hayden James | Something About You (Ben Pearce Remix) – deep, smooth and sexy
2. AURORA | Running With The Wolves (Host Remix) – ethereal tones and serious beats
3. Toni Morreti | Merlo – what a groove, saucy stuff with some added bass
4. Benwaa | Something Something [Free Download] – a trippy tune to get lost in
5. Oliver Huntemann | Schwarzlicht – euphoric tinkles with a snarling undertone
6. Manimalspirit | That someone ( Unlayr remix) – ghostly and darkly atmospheric
7. The Acid | Ra (Olaf Stuut Remix) – a crunchy reworking, real nice vocals
8. Charles Murdoch | Straws – cosmic, dreamy to float you up to the sky
9. AKASE | Rust (Midland Dub) – warbling vocals and a sleazy atmosphere
10. LIR | Chasing – pure loveliness from a new discovery, we want more


Chapter24 ED001

ED001 marks the start of what we hope will be a growing series of compilations from melodic house and techno label CHAPTER 24.  Their First Editions LP was released yesterday, a special remix compilation that features six edits of some of the labels first and finest releases.

Kicking things off is the Melokolektiv (Crosstown Rebels, OFF) remix of Quartz’s ‘Crystals’ – a driving, melodic track with emotive builds and plenty of dance floor energy.  The euphoric, uplifting sounds of the Sam Pauli & Paul Nolan edition of Danny Oliveira’s Stargazer is next up –our fave track from the compilation.  Marten Sundberg’s edit of ‘The Owl’ is raw with dark synths and tense layers whereas things get deep in Framewerk’s edit of KatrinKa’s ‘Echo Gnomic’.   The penultimate closing track, Darien J’s rework of ‘Start Over’ is a brilliantly energetic and feel good track with one hell of a catchy melody.  Finally, the compilation closes of with another edit of ‘Echo Gnomic’, this time by Berlin based AFFECT!, a slow, unwinding piece with a dreamy, ethereal feel to it – a perfect closing track.

We’re in love with this compilation and we’re in love with Chapter 24.  They’re building a brand around a sound that’s gathering some serious momentum in the underground scene.  Be sure to follow them on SOUNDCLOUD for their latest releases and melodic goodness.

You can buy ED001 – First Editions on BEATPORT and the guys are also throwing their next Gather Round party on Saturday 12th September at Blackall Studios which will be headlined by Jonas Saalbach (live) – playing his first London show – and supported by Melokoletiv and the Chapter 24 crew which includes Paul Nolan, KatrinKa and Sam Pauli.  Tickets are on RA HERE.

We’re also really excited as KartinKa is the lined up to produce our next Kittencast…. keep an eye out for that one coming early August.