aashton and agnes

Pet Sounds is back! Aashton shares about the amazing Agnes – she sounds so cool!…

“Agnes is a 5 month old French Bulldog puppy, but I don’t really think of her as a dog. I don’t think I’d ever really describe myself as a ‘dog-person’ – I’m not one of those outdoors-y types that owns wellies or anything – but I have always been into the idea of having a cute little pet to chill with. As a kid I was really into those alien-as-pet themed sci-fi movies. Gizmo from Gremlins is probably my favourite but E.T. was also a pretty awesome pet and I even thought the Puckmarin from Flight of the Navigator was cute as hell too.

So yeah, maybe its just a hangover from childhood but I kind of think of Agnes as this cool little non-human companion that I hang out with and a french bulldog is probably as close to Gizmo as you’re gonna get in the real world.

Frenchies are also good studio dogs – as long as you take them out for a couple of hours exercise each day, she’ll pretty much just spend the rest of the time lying around. She seems to love music, at any volume – she can sleep through a blizzard of techno, which I find really impressive. The only music that really riles her, for some reason, is Trey Songz. Its not even an R’n’B thing either, its just Trey Songz; the guy starts singing and she just loses her shit – barks like the worlds ending until you turn him off. It’s one of her many quirks – she cracks me up.”

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Aashton’s creamy deep house track ‘I Can’t Shake It’ (which we featured a few weeks back) is out today on Splattered Coloured Vinyl! We’ve got massive love for this one - buy it here

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extrawelt poster

On Saturday 30th August Electric Brixton is to host a very special live act – Extrawelt.   The world famous act is coming South London and bringing with them Krankbrother and are supported by a whole host of talented acts including forward thinking techno night Warm Up taking over room 2.

This is going to be one special summer closing party with room 1 support coming from The Mistaa, Petru, Timy & Beringei and room 2 featuring Aidan Doherty (listen to his Kittencast for us here), Candi Bianca, Desmond (our TTK DJ), Jorge Martins, Beck n Bird, Wesley Pitter b2b Rik Charles.

On its own the live performance of Cocoon legends Extrawelt is enough to make this night worth a visit, but with talent oozing from all the support acts and Warm Up hosting its very own room, it’s going to be one hell of a night to remember.

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TRACKS WE’RE DIGGIN’ 2DAY | 24.07.2014


  1. Billy Kenny | Call You Back – raw, bassy, grimey house beats
  1. Transcoded | Got Me Down (Original Mix) – a track that could be straight from the 90s garage era
  1. Fat Sushi – Love Me Forever (Original Mix) – glorious vocals and serious bass
  1. Full Intention | Let Me Be (Feat Robert Owens) – sensual badass sounds that erupt into lovely piano chords
  1. Enzo Siragusa & Alexkid | Kilimanjaro2 (Fuse014) – house and jungle combine to take you to the rave
  1. Alex Clare | Too Close (Robert Lux Remix) – take it to the dancefloor with this electro remix
  1. Jesse Rose | Fly Tonight – an ode to French house, big retro sounds
  1. SP∆∆M | PomPom Gali  - building beats, spooky sound effects and creepy vocals (full EP)
  1. Cassie | Me & U ( KRONO Edit ) – a sweet disco remix – get grinding
  1. Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix, DVBBS ft. Aleesia – Gold Skies (Tidlwav Remix) – softly sublime
  1. Abu Ashley | Nado Heights – lovely middle-eastern sounds from a hawt new talent


umberto pagliaroli - upside EP

Big room techno that means business. This tune from Umberto Pagliaroli and Frankie Deep pumps out relentless dancefloor destroying beats! Serious stuff with some serious builds. The track’s taken from Pagliaroli’s 4-track Upside EP which features more dark and twisted techno. The title track is an atmospheric slow-burner that’s also been remixed Ralpho Mirton to devestating effect. Serious techno to get lost in.

out on 31 July on Waldiebefamilien Records


steyoyoke interview

We met one member of the Seyoyoke crew in Berlin earlier this year and exchanged flyers; we’ve been lusting after their stylish brand of melodic deep-house ever since! Here’s some more about the fast-growing label that’s already made a big name for itself…

Hi Steyoyoke crew! Tell us a bit about the history of Steyoyoke?

Steyoyoke was born almost two years ago by a small group of producers who decided to start again from zero with different projects and names. The goal was to create something fresh, both in terms of art and music. The main idea was, and is, to release good quality music, being completely not connected to any other old business music projects or any big artists, and to focus on the products we realize. When we talk about products, we mean everything we produce, from a cover art to a music release, from a house party to an art exhibition. We always create something new when we organize an event. For example you should totally come to our next Steyoyoke Label Night on September 26th at Ritter Butzke in Berlin. We are inviting lots of graphic illustrators and painters who will do live drawing performances during the party to create a special atmosphere throughout the night.

What is the Steyoyoke sound?

We release deep house music but always with a big melodic touch. Our artists have different styles in some way, but the main common thing is that we produce Songs. You are wondering why songs with capital letter… the answer is that we like to distinguish songs from tracks. A song is a melodic creature made by producers who write music with a keyboard or with a simple mouse. A track is just a collage of loops from sample libraries. There are not fake (or shame) producers in our roster of artists. Everybody put his own creativity in his own productions.

How do you source tracks for release?

As you maybe understood, Steyoyoke, at the moment, is like a family made of 5-7 artists and friends. We work a lot together, we have regular meetings where we share ideas, we make plans, we decide how to remix each other etc. etc. Not so difficult to source tracks in this way. We always finish the songs one week before to send to the promotion agency, in this way we have always fresh sounds.

Of course we are open to involve other artists, but before to do it we have to be sure that that artists fit completely with our philosophy. We don’t involve new artists into the label, but we prefer to involve new artists in our family.

Lots of people send just one track to our demo email and want to be released on Steyoyoke. Of course we will never do it, even if it’s the best deep house song of the world. We need to know who is the artist, if he makes always good music or he just made one good song, if he payed someone to make that song, if he’s a lovely guy or a rude and selfish guy ;)

What other labels are inspiring you right now?

There are lots of nice labels at the moment. I wouldn’t say that some label are inspiring us because our style of music is completely different from all the other labels we know. But, if we have to state some names of labels we like and we play a lot, we could name Innervisions, Parquet Recordings and Last Night On Earth.

What does the rest of 2014 hold in store for the label?

Of course a lot of things. Our release schedule is becoming tighter and tighter. We have, at the moment, so much good music that we don’t really know how we can release all of it. The main news of the year is that we are going to open another sub-label called ‘Steyoyoke Black’. It will be more techno and dark in style. We got a new great young and completely unknown artist who will have his first release with Steyoyoke Black.

Furthermore, we are preparing some releases only on vinyls and we are preparing songs together, exchanging projects and leave more artists of the label working on the same song. Let’s see what will come out… we love to experiment :)

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sample some of the awesemo Steyoyoke sound below


jim the poltergeist

Jim the Poltergeist (sounds spooky I know!) has signed, sealed and delivered this haunting, industrial vibe track ‘Snake on the Ladder’. The bass rich yet forward thinking production has a dark and gloomy edge that sent chills up my spine soon as it appeared on my stream! So, if you are long awaiting a night in a filthy, cold warehouse…close your eyes and let this track take you there.

‘Snake on the Ladder’ is taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Scissors & Waterfalls’ due out on 7th August on Prospective Audio | free download below

words | Katie


diesel collage

You would probably never expect to hear that the Klaxons took on Clean Bandit in a DJ battle… but that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday night as part of the #DIESELONTOUR campaign.

We were invited by the good folks of Diesel to vote for the DJs we wanted to face each other ahead of a DJ battle hosted on Wednesday 16th July at Hackney Central’s Oslo bar. The DJs up for nomination were Mount Kimbie, Jamie Klaxons, Waze & Odyssey and Clean Bandit – we voted for Mount Kimbie and Waze & Odyssey!

The two DJs represented the two Diesel fragrances – The Brave Original (Clean Bandit) & The Brave Tattoo (Jamie Klaxons). We arrived part-way in to Jamie’s set where rather pleasingly he was dropping some rather tasty underground tunes with a house/techno vibe going on. He closed his set with Agoria ‘Scala’, a move that secured his vote from TTK!

Clean Bandit took to the stage next (well 1/4 of the group!) and played a slightly more commercial house set with tracks from Route 94 and Disclosure filling the floor.

In the end it was a tight vote with people watching the live video stream online casting their decision. Jamie Klaxon won the battle though with a majority of 54%; well deserved in our eyes.

Thanks Diesel – well done Jamie ;)

TTK at Diesel


FF 02

This week’s free track is Speaking in Tongues’ wonderfully moody reworking of Lana Del Ray ‘Ultraviolence’. The LA based duo’s debut EP is out later this month (preview here) and they are currently wrapping up their second EP, plus a big official remix…more details soon.

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