TRACKS WE’RE DIGGIN’ 2 DAY | 27.01.2015

cat wink

We know you’ve been hankering for some top new tunes so get stuck in to. That’s why we lovingly put together these awesome playlists for you. There are some big ‘uns in here. Play, play, play…

1. Ross From Friends | Gold School – hazy and psychedelic with a raw edge
2. Michael Bibi | Wave Rider – infectious stompy house with loadsa hats and quirky effects
3. Paul Woolford | MDMA – ain’t nobody does a piano rift like Woodford!
4. Lupe Fuentes | Endlessly Safe Music – get stuck into the dirrty bass
5. Weiss | Our Love – sex vocals all over this knee trembler
6. Âme | Den Råtta feat. Vulkano (DEPTH REMIX) – love what the duo have done here, giving the track an extra slap of groove
7. Rhombohedral | Tendon – mmmm..minimal tech
8. Apes & Seb Wildblood | Brooklyn – warm warbling warps
9. Ehmandah | With You (Invoker Remix) – wonked up r’n’b
10. Youandewan | Stak Poly Looms – get deep. get mellow. peace out.


carl cox

This is an welcome blast from the past techno lovers! You may remember this Coxy mix which featured on a CD given away with Mixmag in 2007. It’s a recording taken from that lovely Space Ibiza terrace and it still sounds as damn fine today as it did all them seven years ago (ok it’s not thaaat long ago but still!). I remember getting this mix and listening to it religiously whilst getting ready for nights out, so it brings back lots of happy memories of dancing round my bedroom with a few cans of stella on the go. It’s packed with loads of poppin’ tunes and it’s totally infectious. Mixmag have re-released the mix on iTunes so you can now purchase it and host your own bedroom-dancing-stella-drinking-session! And you can also stream below to see you through your Friday…enjoy.

like what you hear? go buy it here


karma games

STEVE BUG has teamed up with rising stars PENTATONES, a four-piece electronica band hailing from Germany. He’s remixed ‘Karma Games’ a track taken from their album ‘Ouroboros’ which is due out early this year. An extended moody, lusty intro builds the atmosphere before kicking into a deep tech groove. Vocalist Delhia de France’s vocals are smouldering and utterly seductive with a dash of sweet-quirkiness. Bug layers the melodies creating a hypnotic emotive vibe that works oh so well with the gawgeous vocals. A proper eyes-closed-swaying-in-a-trance kinda track. Dreamy.

out now on Steve’s Poker Flat Records | buy here


M.A.N.D.Y. - Gizmo

M.A.N.D.Y. has a new EP out. Title track ‘Gizmo’ is a freaky, thrusting production filled with oscillating twinkles and cosmic beeps. It’s got a sleazy groove that works into a slow subdued build made for twisting some shapes to. It’s definitely got some of the duo’s signature melodic-tech sound about it.

Flip side ‘Montagsmachine’ is hypnotic and driving with minimal stabs of vocal samples and percussion. It’s a subtle track that keeps you guessing by switching it up and not doing what you might expect it to.

out now on beatport | released on iTunes 30 January 


elliot adamson - transatlantic EP

ELLIOT ADAMSON is a 19 year old producer and DJ from Newcastle who lives in London. You may recall seeing his name pop up on TTK as we’ve featured his tracks quite a few times now. He now has his first release out with London label TROUPE RECORDS and it’s a cracking EP titled ‘Transatlantic’.

Up first ‘Montpellier’ is a deep, groaning techno cut that makes a big impact on the dancefloor. Textured percussion dances with drums and industrial synths. Haunting sirens kick in half-way through to add extra drama as the track builds; well placed touch.

Detroit’ takes influence from the origins of house music with skipping drums and nice loose percussion. The raw vocal sample sits nicely with the stripped back feel of the track and there’s loads of kick to get you shaking. A great homage to the classic underground house sound.

Fellow Geordies MOONLIT VISION work a remix on ‘Detroit’ stripping it back further for a dark, minimal feel, perfect for trippy moments in dark corners of clubs.

Elliot’s tracks have already been played by the likes of Levon Vincent, Laurent Garnier, Kidnap Kid and Roska, and this EP’s only going to get him more attention from big names. One to watch for 2015. Go boi!


Einmusik - system EP

EINMUSIK‘s latest offering is a two track EP filled with all the melodic lushness you’d expect from the German producer and DJ. ‘System’ is moody and mysterious with searing synth-lines and a trance-like vibe. There are lots of spine-tingly drama-heavy moments as the track culminates into an epic build. ‘Voyage’ pairs nicely with ‘System’ echoing the melody with a little bit more punch and a rumbling deeper vibe.

Einmusik is brilliant at completely drawing you in until you’re utterly lost in a melody hanging in to every beat. If you’re a fan of emotive melodic house of the Kolsch ilk, you’ll be all over this. Pretty gawgeous.



futureboogie is 15

Futureboogie is celebrating 13 years of throwing parties. Since beginning as a club night in 2001 Futureboogie is now a record label, booking agency and management company, as well as an international name known for putting on underground house parties in many a warehouse and at many a festival. That’s a lot to be celebrating about!

The 31st January sees them welcome a couple of old family crew members in the shape of MAXXI SOUNDSYSTEM and Christophe alongside new recruit Mark E- for a night of quality music at East London warehouse space The Laundry. We’re going to be heading down with the sole purpose of dancing our socks off to some storming underground tunes. See you on the dancefloor.

facebook event page | tickets

Get some Maxxi flava with his rather lovely LANDR podcast from a few months ago:


Eggo - Low Lands

French techno and electronic music label, A-TRACTION, marks it’s 30th release with an EP from rising talent EGGO.

It kicks off with ‘Girona’, an ethereal and haunting slice of broken beat electronica. Hypnotic and darkly melodic the track draws you into another world. Next up, ‘Delta’, sounds stripped back at first but quickly builds into intense synth lines which give it an underlying trace-like quality; it’s the kind of track that feels like it’s building you up for something.

‘Strobes’, the punchiest dancefloor hitter on the EP, is a big techno track with a rumbling bass and bouncing melodies. There are some lovely moments of downtime when the melodies sweeten and the bass softens before the track kicks back into some epic builds. Title track ‘Lowlands’ is a gorgeous soundscape full of texture and feeling; it’s totally equisite. Techno producer SHEKON gives the track a chunkier workout which develops into an uplifting magical groove.

Eggo’s productions have a gorgeous attention to detail which leaves them dripping with atmosphere and raw with emotion. This is a stunning EP which showcases the French producer’s ability to produce eclectic electronica with the power to move a dancefloor. J’adore.

out now | buy it here