INCREMENTS is an art collective that ‘targets senses to trigger emotion’ working across three disciplines: sound, events and art. Established in 2014 by brothers Ross and Evan Lelliott, the duo have produced a really impressive portfolio of work so far, working with lots of exciting brands including Adidas, Harrods and the Tate Modern. Earlier this year they transformed a World War II bunker into an art installation as part of Dalston’s Land of Kings Festival (see it here) and they’ve been busy creating all sorts of wonderful things from t-shirt designs to record sleeves to films.

They also have excellent taste in electronic music – which is why we’re featuring them on TTK! Their whole concept takes a little bit of all the things we love about the underground music scene and brings them together with some stylish Increments magic to create a live experience to titillate the senses.

Their core project, a mix series entitled VITAMINS, explores music that covers a spectrum of moods and expressions, from laid back dub to instrumental melodica. Each mix comes complete with its own hypnotic vertical light installation, converted into graphic artwork for use online. Each mix experience is complimented with a conceptual cocktail list, yum. Get stuck into Vitamin E below…

Increments Live audio-visual show | Oslo, Hackney | Saturday 21 November | 00.00—03.00

Increments presents a unique live 3-hour audio-visual show in Oslo’s newly established Green Room. Expect a mesmerising and hypnotic experience complimented with dark cinematic sounds, with expert selectors Dixon Avenue Basement Jams curating and headlining the main room | facebook event 

We love Increments’ work. Their projects offer an original underground experience. With so much creative talent, we can’t wait to see what they have in store next.

follow Increments | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | instagram | web 






Three years ago we discovered the wonderful sounds of HVOB (Her Voice Over Boys) and we’ve been in love ever since. The electronic double act consists of Anna Müller and Paul Wallner who both hail from Vienna, Austria. They leapt into the underground scene with their debut EP ‘Dogs’ and have since grown exponentially, receiving critical acclaim from the release of a multitude of EP’s and two albums (2012 self-titled ‘HVOB’ and 2015 ‘Trialogue’).

HVOB have a very distinct sound which bridges the gap between techno and ambient electronica nicely. The combination of Anna’s dreamy vocals over minimalistic beats and melodies creates a really unique sound that has set them apart and caught the attention of the world. Their success has generated interest from a multitude of notable producers including Stimming, andhimScuba, DJ Tennis, Gui Boratto and Oliver Koletzki (the head honcho of their label, Stil Vor Talent), who have each twisted the HVOB sound resulting in a series of fantastic remixes.

We’ve been dying to catch the duo play live; with a European tour under their belt, HVOB are currently on a world tour. We’ve been watching eagerly for a London date and (after three years of anticipation) we were beyond excited when we saw a London date on their schedule – Oval Space, playing alongside techno pioneer Nathan Fake and Sepalcure.

Anna and Paul were joined on stage with a drummer which added an extra dynamic to their live performance, providing additional stimulus for the crowd. The energy Paul demonstrated was infectious; punching his fists in the air and dancing around the stage, it really got the crowd going. Anna’s voice was a dream, sounding as ethereal as it does in the studio on a live PA. The duo played tracks from both albums and adapted their performance with a heftier, techno edge, improvising with beats and melodies to create powerful rhythms and drops. I have to admit I did not expect such an energised performance, particularly given the relatively mellow and minimalistic sound of their releases. I was blown away and left in awe once their set concluded, closing off with my favourite HVOB track ‘Dogs’.

We blogged about ‘Dogs’ (in 2012) and have stayed in touch with Anna ever since, so it was great to finally meet her after the show. She told us about their whirlwind of success; they had just touched down from the States and were heading to Moscow the next day at 7am! It was a really special night and reinforced the reason why we love supporting up-and-coming artists. It’s so exciting to see HVOB now touring the world with two albums under their belt and a dedicated following of fans. We’ve been there from the beginning and it’s been bloody brilliant to follow their success. We <3 HVOB!



On Saturday night we headed down to one of our favourite London venues, XOYO, to check out their latest residency, Busy P.  The club was packed to the rafters, down to the fact that Boys Noize were supporting and because the CONCRETE MUSIC crew were taking over room two.  We arrived after midnight and found the party in full swing with Boys Noize at the decks downstairs where we spent a while soaking up the sounds and atmosphere of the Berlin duo’s eclectic set, featuring hefty electro and techno tunes. But it was upstairs in Room 2 where we spent most of the night with the Concrete Music DJs hammering our some serious house magic.

This is the great thing about XOYO, and it’s what we love about the club and its residency series… the fact that you can turn up with the intention of seeing the headliner, but actually finding yourself enjoying the support DJs just as much, if not more.  It goes to show that the warm up and support acts of any night are just as important as the main act in keeping clubbers happy.  XOYO’s ability to curate nights that suit varied tastes is one of their unique abilities in the London club scene – one of our favourite residencies that echoed this crossing of cultures was the combination of The 2 Bears and one of London’s most exciting and out there gay nights, Sink The Pink. We had a whale of a time.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – the XOYO residency series is such an innovative and exciting concept that appeals to the wide spectrum of London’s clubbers.  Other clubs – take note.

XOYO have just announced their NYE line up – Bondax, Chris Lorenzo and Darius with more acts to be confirmed – tickets here.

You can also catch Busy P residency series until mid-December 2015.


Anja Schneider invites

Our absolute fave techno babe ANJA SCHNEIDER is in London town on Saturday 3rd October for her first ever hosted event with LWE – Anja Schneider invites. The mobilee boss is bringing along Citizenn and Igor Vicente for an intimate party at The Steelyard. She says:

“I have been playing for my favourites LWE for years and I feel so honoured they gave me my own party. I’m very excited, nervous and proud, but also so ready to present some of my favourite DJs – personality wise, sound wise and fun wise. It’s gonna be killer and I can’t wait!”

“I liked him (Citizenn) from the very first moment. He has this very deep house understanding with a real cool hard approach to reaching peak time. His musical understanding is outstanding and interesting – a set from Citizenn is a true journey. When I first met him we had this lovely “click” moment. I knew we had the same understanding of fun and many laughs in common. He truly is a sweetheart and a damn good producer. I’m excited to see his career growing as it’s only the beginning.”

“Of course it’s easy to invite a mobilee artist to a party of mine. Igor Vicente is the latest entry at mobilee and has his own unique style. But Igor has honestly been the DJ who has impressed me the most at our last parties with his mind-blowing sets,” she shares. “I can’t keep this secret and wish that everyone will hear his amazing talent. He’s the most funny guy with the biggest hands I know, but if they touch the players it’s gonna be magic!” – Anja Schneider


To be in with the chance of winning 2 x tickets to Anja Schneider invites all you need to do is tag the friend you’d take on this facebook post. We’ll pick a winner at random and announce on Tuesday 29th September.

Anja Schneider Invites | saturday 3rd October | 10pm – 6am | The Steelyard, London | facebook event



The night had finally come; it was the focal point and main reason behind our trip to the White Isle! Now with his ENTER residency, gone are the days of frequent Hawtin appearances at Cocoon – this is a once a year occasion. Hence the overwhelming anticipation us kittens were feeling.

We arrived early to beat the crowds as it felt like half the island would be in attendance for the two gods of techno. It also gave us the chance to get a good feel for the party, by now our paws itching for good boogie! In the main room Eats Everything was setting things up nicely, giving the keen beans at the party some solid bouncy techno to get them going while Papa Sven was smoothly carving his way across the Terrace with some deep seductive vibes.

As Amnesia started to fill, the vibe from the crowd was electric, and you could tell we weren’t the only ones with tingling tummies! To pick up the pace we thought we’d catch an hour of the always entertaining Dubfire in the Main Room which didn’t disappoint. Upping the tempo and energy on the dance floor is what he is so consistent at, and this was no different. The rhythmic baselines and clicking kicks were engulfing our heads, and then the moment had come…

It was time to find our spot and hunker on down for the nightshift, the pièce de résistance. Sven and Richie, vinyl and digital… Two leaders of the techno establishment at the best party Ibiza has to offer, boooom! Sven was now in full flow and demonstrating his ability to hypnotise dance floors with seamless mixes and trippy melodies laid over divine base notes. As Richie appeared tweaking his gadgets and preparing to takeover, the darkness descended throughout the Terrace.

It began as it finished, the first growling relentless rolling bass, just as punishing and testing as the last. With his array of four decks; Tracktor, Abelton, Allen and Heath, mixer, controllers, samplers and foot pedals, the tribal rumblings and various looped clicks beeps and mechanical notes mesmerised the willing audience and sent the terrace into utter delirium.

The crowd was special as well, realising we certainly weren’t the only ones who had made the journey just for this epic event! There was a die hard feel to it, knowing that this would reassure them of the status Richie Hawtin holds, given some of the ‘non purest’ parties and press that seem to have gathered momentum over the last few years. And, I can confidently say this was one of his best I’ve experienced in 10 years of dancing at his gigs around the world.

You could see how much fun they were having in the booth as well, and as the Balearic sun started to cut through the darkness of the Terrace roof they were seen smiling, laughing, drinking shots together, but no snogging! This resinated through the room and at 07:30 it was still bulging with ravers and energy. In classic Hawtin style, and true fashion of the Terrace at Amnesia, the sound got a little more stripped down and experimental which gave the party a whole new dimension. The only disappointment, our imminent flight departing the White Isle and having to leave before the finish, leaving the party like naughty little school child being lead back to class. Although smiling like Cheshire cats and the ones that definitely got the cream.

It was an absolute belter to say the least and was a fitting way to end our stay! As with all true greats, there is this ability to continually push boundaries. The duo still possess the core of what gave them legendary status in the first place to deliver, what was in this case, one hell of a techno party!

Papa Sven and Richie, please don’t ever stop what you are doing, many people’s lives would be missing something without you! Can’t wait to see you on the dance floor next time!

Cocoon @ Amnesia takes place every Monday until 28 September | info here

contributor | Dane Barnard 



Field Day

Kicking off the festival season for us was London weekender and one of our favourite festivals, FIELD DAY.

We headed down for the Saturday (Saturday the focus is on electronic music; Sunday it’s all about the bands). It seemed that the weather gods were smiling down on us, blessing us with glorious sunshine for maximum festival fun. We arrived just after 1pm with our sights firmly set on the BUGGED OUT tent where we caught the tail end of Andrew Wetherall and Daniel Avery’s B2B set. Already the tent was packed full of revellers and the feel good festival vibe was in full swing. Another mighty B2B hosted there was with techno gods Ben Klock and Macel Dettman who hammered out some hefty tunes for 2.5 hours. We also caught the superbly talented John Talabot where we were whisked away with deep melodic grooves and experimental electronica.

The layout of the festival was pretty familiar to us having been to Field Day a number of times now; the stages are easy enough to reach without too much walking and the selection and diversity of the food stalls is enough to rival the likes of Glastonbury and satisfy any hungry tummy (we opted for a Salt Beef and haloumi bagel – nom). Field Day’s regular ‘sports day’ was on for another year and throughout the day we’d take a break from dancing to watch revellers competing in old school games style competitions. The VIP area was located behind the Eat Your Own Ears stage (as per usual) and had a nice relaxed vibe with private toilets, bar, DJs, hay bales to plonk your ass down on and even a wine bar – perfect to escape the hustle and bustle of the main festival.

As well as the Bugged Out tent, we also had our eyes on the EAT YOUR OWN EARS stage where throughout the day you could catch Spector, Kindness, Todd Terje & The Olsons, Django Django and Caribou. An eclectic mix– something Field Day does well. We fluttered around the site for the day but came back to the EYOE stage to catch Mr Terje perform his album live on stage with a band and dancers (unfortunately although we love the album we found it quite slow and moved on – although we heard his ‘Inspector Norse’ performance was out of this world – a little gutted we missed that to be honest!). We were also there to catch the festival headliner – the mighty CARIBOU.

Caribou’s performance was at the top of the list for us – we had to see him perform. We’re big fans of both his aliases (his other being DAPHNI) and ‘Our Love’ has been one of our favourite albums of the past 12 months (it has been hammered on repeat by both of us). With the sun down and the stage illuminated with blue and purple lighting, the setting was perfect and the atmosphere was electric. He played tune after tune from his recent album and also went to his back catalogue and treated us to a performance of ‘Sun’. The highlight of the show had to be his rendition of ‘Can’t Do Without You’ (our favourite release from the Canadian producer), particularly as the crowd sang along in unison during that epic build – it was a real goosebump moment (check out our video).

Check out his performance at the Paris Pitchfork Music Festival last year for an idea of what we’re talking about:

Yet another great day – Field Day should be proud. It certainly is one of the best London festivals going and we can’t recommend it enough.


Behind This Wall Bar

This lovely sunny weather means we can take our party game outdoors! Outdoor drinking and outdoor dancing have to be pretty much the best things ever right?! With a slew of outdoor bars popping up across London this summer you’re probably looking for the newest, coolest, most underground outdoor bar of them all…let us introduce BEHIND THIS WALL.

Behind This Wall is a part of East London club OVAL SPACE. They’ve pimped up the terrace space to the side of the club, overlooking large gas holders and the back-streets of Cambridge Heath (so urban). It’s been decked out in style using recycled materials, such as palettes used as holders for home grown salad leafs and herbs, and the tiles and decking give off an Ibiza vibe.

We kicked our visit off with yummy cocktails, made with fresh juices and garnished with rosemary, whilst enjoying some funk and disco being spun by the DJ. To fill our bellies we tucked into pork and chicken from then BBQ. All the meats are cured for six days and ours were deliciously tender and tasty. The food was a real winner.

Behind This Wall is not just a bar…

  • Mondays will see workshops from Ableton Live and guest supper clubs,
  • Tuesdays will host Voga (vogueing + yoga – guest DJs spinning 80s tunes whilst you stretch),
  • Wednesday is Terrace Film Night, focusing on music documentaries and shorts,
  • Thursday night is Record Stores on the Rotary – vinyl store staff let loose on the mixer,
  • Fridays host The Sub 120-Club, music policy strictly sub 120 bpm

It’s a great unusual spot with a nice vibe, delish food and some interesting events. A perfect way to spend sunny evenings. Well worth a visit!

Behind This Wall is open 1st June – 30th September, Mon-Fri 12:00 – 00:00 daily and selected weekends |facebook | twitter | Instagram

Behind This Wall collage

Behind This Wall Bar -2


The Social Festival 2015

Now in its third year, The Social Festival curated by Nic Faniculli, has pulled together the best UK underground line-up we’ve seen this year, hands down – take a drool at the names on the image above. The one day-er takes place in sunny Kent on the 12th September and, we’re sure there will be lots of cool visuals and yummy food vans but, with a line-up like that you’ll be going for the music and the music will be bloody good!

Tickets are still available at £44.50 + £4.45BF but book fast as they will sell out fo’ shizzle!

buy tickets | visit the website | follow on facebook


Groove Armada collage

GROOVE ARMADA are an institution. They’ve evolved, adapted and their music spans decades. They were even the first act to get Nicola into electronic music. Not many acts can make such bold claims.

Fans of the duo will rejoice in news that they have just pulled together a brand new album for Jaymo and Andy George’s MODA BLACK imprint – their Little Black Book. It’s a musical melting pot– part compilation, part album and part remix album, featuring eight brand spankin’ new GA tracks and ten exclusive remixes.

If you register on the MODA BLACK WEBSITE you can get your hands on a free download of their new track ‘Get on the Floor’ which features the sublime vocals of Cari Golden (if you recognise the name, you’re probably thinking of THIS). The duo even threw a free party last night with the Moda boys to celebrate the launch and we headed down (who doesn’t love a bit of Thursday dancing?).

Check out the promo vid below and make sure you sign up on Moda’s website!



Field Day 2015

It’s now less than two weeks until East London weekend-er FIELD DAY. It’s our first festival of the year so we are well excited, well ready and well up for some big music!

One key draw is the festivals eclectic line-up. It puts together one of the most forward-thinking line-ups out there and is unafraid to champion lesser known artists. Of course, we’re more inclined to head to the dance tents but we’ll also be taking the opportunity to wander, explore and open our ears to something new. We’re going to be hitting up the Saturday; here’s our pick of the electronic stuff:

  • Caribou | fresh and always one to push the boundaries, we’re excited to finally catch Caribou live
  • Clark (Live) | for some real serious mean techno from a master
  • Daniel Avery b2b Andrew Weatherall | these two mighty DJs are guaranteed to deliver one hell of a set
  • John Talabot | for dance floor explorations and hopefully a few favourites too
  • Klaves | excited for the bouncy house sounds of this producer – bring out the sunshine!
  • Marcell Dettmann b2b Ben Klock | for when we want to thrash it out Berghain style
  • Ten Walls (Live) | we haven’t seen Ten Walls play before and are intrigued to see what he delivers live
  • Todd Terje and The Olsens | with the support of a live band, expect feel good disco vibes
  • FKA Twigs | for her great live show and ethereal, unique pop music

Other non-electronic things we’re excited about include:

  • Hackney Colliery Band | a brass band who do a Prodigy medley….sounds interesting
  • All of this Belongs to You, V&A at Field Day | drop in workshops to teach you about ‘how to get the most out of your camera phone’
  • Village Mentality | caus games, rides and silliness is always fun

Who/what’s top of your list to see? Tweet us your suggestions @technokittens

Keep an eye on our twitter (@technokittens) and Instagram (@TKnicola) throughout the day for updates, pictures and what we’ve been loving!

Saturday at Field Day is close to selling out | grab one of the last wave of tickets priced at £66.45 (incl. all fees) here

Field Day 2015 line-up Saturday