We have a special Freebie Friday download today… ‘teschno’ comes from Andrea Fiorito on the back of his latest album release. And no, that’s not a typo.  It’s a beast of a techno track – one we’re sure you’re going to love.  We managed to catch up with Andrea to ask him a few questions about the release and his recent album ‘Voodoo Grooves’…

Hey Andrea, your album recently landed on Mike Shannon’s CYNOSURE imprint… we understand you recorded it in a studio that once belonged to your grandfather in Italy surrounded by 200 year old furniture – can you tell us more about that and how important those surroundings were for you in this album making process?

Hello. Well, I am a person who loves art in general, and my grandfather was a very passionate art collector. I think i have to thank him and my grandma because just coming here visiting i learned to love beauty and art. To find myself here with my new family now it’s like a kind of dreamy experience “weird and cool in the meantime”. Of course I felt a special energy while recording the album!

One of your tracks, People in Da House Jam, features a sample from Beat International’s track ‘Dub Be Good To Me’ – a classic and a sample that everyone must recognise. What was it about this track that made you want to sample it for your album?

I simply love that tune and i used it as it was in the 90’s at the times of Todd “the God” Terry or DJ Sneak. I wanted to make my little tribute to the old school New York house!

We’re hosting a free download of a track you produced ‘teschno’ – it is exactly that! We love it. How come this didn’t make the album?

Well to be honest I decided to add another extra tune just for fun. Also the title ‘Teschno’ is funny because Germans use to call teschno the today’s techno,vlet’s say slower and deeper…It’s funny to make tunes just for fun isn’t it? Anyway, that track hasn’t quite go the same feeling as the other tracks of the album…………But I will release that track on vinyl soon!

And finally, the question we ask everybody, if you were a techno kitten for a day what would you get up to?

Good question. I think I would love to sit in front of a sub woofer to get massaged from the bass and feel my body shiver!

Cheers Andrea.
As always, if you like what you hear then be sure to give Andrea some social media love on SOUNDCLOUD & FACEBOOK and you can buy Voodoo Grooves HERE.



Rhythm Distrikt 09

Sometimes all you want is some straight up, fist-pumping, sweat inducing dancefloor techno. UK techno imprint Rhythm Distrikt has a regular compilation series showcasing their latest goods; fresh tracks from the best new talents on the underground scene. The sound is delectably dark and full of energy. There’s lots to get stuck into and each track is pretty big. I can’t get enough of Ron Costa ‘Owl Jolson’, Stefano Cosa ‘The Cave’ and Oscar L ‘Switch On The Love’. If you like your techno bangers, you’ll love this.

out now | buy it here



Tom Demac - Smoke Stained Ivories

The latest release on AUS comes from label favourite TOM DEMAC. The 4-track EP kicks things off with ‘Smoked Stained Ivories’, a cheerful melodic track with a wistful intro that cracks into lots of texture, uplifting tinkles and a great hook. There are some nice chunky sections which will make it work well on the dancefloor and searing synths to build drama. A really distinct track that I think will fit nicely into the AUS ‘best of’ catalogue.

The rest of the EP isn’t short of personality either, ‘Guilty Measures’ is packed with sporadic horns, hi-hats and strained melodies. It’s pretty saucy and creates a tense, dark atmosphere. Loads of dancefloor oomph and charisma. ‘RIP Vogel’ is tough and hypnotic and ‘Beckett’s Racket’ is a nicely composed orchestral kinda track with big sounds and heaps of percussion.

A really creative EP that shows off Demac’s unique production skills.

Sweet Stained Ivories was out on Monday | digital | vinyl


Trulyors EP

Wolf Story is the four track EP from rising electronic producer TRULYORS released on the RHOMBUS imprint. Truylors delivers some simply stunning and emotional tracks.

I was in love with the EP on first listen thanks to opening track ‘Soldier’ – the driving beat and hollow melody combined with ethereal notes make this track glow. ‘Wolf Story’ packs more of a punch than the opener and has a slightly darker and minimal feel to it. Following this is ‘Rattlesnake’ with a melancholic melody and synth bass line which was recently premiered by B. Traits on BBC Radio 1. Closing things off is my favourite track from the EP ‘Coutesan’ – a fantastic serving of emotional electronica that’s packed with euphoric chords and warm electronic sounds. A stunning EP that has marked Trulyors as a producer we are excited to hear more from.

Wolf Story is out now | buy it here


Primal - Boundaries EP

JUST THIS is a new record label from the crew at Milan based label HUNTER/GAME. An extension of their scene-shaping loft parties Just This will focus on music that pushes boundaries and encompasses art and sound.

The premier release comes from icelandic producer PRIMAL. ‘Boundaries’ features a unique mesmerising melody which warps melancholically over a shuffling bassline, dripping in drama and atmosphere. CHRISTIAN LöFFLER’S remix of the track is airy, twinkly and uplifting.

Primal’s second original track on the EP ‘Hurricane’ is experimental, full of instrumental sounds and synths. The remix from LULU ROUGE is moodier with a focus on building melodies.

An interesting EP from an interesting new label. It has to be about ‘Boundaries (original mix)’ for us, it’s got a really strong sound and we keep going back for more.

out now – buy here


Jonas Woehl

This release has already been out for a few months but I regret missing the opportunity to give it a write up. The whole Christmas period just got out of hand – too much festive cheer and it managed to slip to the bottom of my inbox. Anyway, excuses aside, what my revisit to this track should tell you is that it is one hefty release not be missed.

‘Stockholm’ is the second track of JONAS WHOEL’s ‘White Sheets’ album and released as as 2 piece EP with an remix from Atlantik.  It’s a dark and driving techno track laced with hats, claps and subtle bass elements which become more frequent after a gentle drop.  Atlantik has upped the tempo and developed the track into a melodic cut with pulsating electronic synths and bouncing chords.  It has something of a Jon Hopkins ‘Open Eye Signal’ feel to it.  A cracking release.

Stockholm EP is out now released on LENIENT TALES.


Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 22.06.26

This track is stunning – oozing with warm melodic goodness it gives you a right big euphoric hug.  The latest release from ARTHUR OSKAN on CITY FOX is 2-piece EP but this track with its delicate melodic elements and thumping bass line is my favourite and will pick you right up.  It’s just a shame this clip isn’t long enough!

(you can grab the full release on Beatport though)


chapter 24 records - twelve minds - the owl EP

Exciting new imprint CHAPTER 24 (we told you about them here in December) has dropped its first release, ‘The Owl’, a 4 track EP from London producer TWELVE MINDS, with remixes from KatrinKa and label boss Sam Pauli. The tracks are of the deep, dark, melodic techno and house ilk that we love so much here on TTK. Emotive melodies and broody beats will fill your ears with warm ripples of sound.

Title track ‘The Owl’ features minimal percussion and a creamy build that erupts into sun-drenched horns for a ‘coming up in the morning’ kinda feel. Too lush for words. The bass on ‘Rhino’ kicks in with a warm thump dripping in the kind of emotion that makes a dancefloor swell and groove. ‘Where Did You’ gets a remix treatment from two artists. Russian-born but London-based KatrinKa’s take is sultry and seductive and Sam Pauli’s version is euphoric and infectious.

An awfully strong first outing for a label we can’t wait to hear more from.


M.A.N.D.Y. - Gizmo

M.A.N.D.Y. has a new EP out. Title track ‘Gizmo’ is a freaky, thrusting production filled with oscillating twinkles and cosmic beeps. It’s got a sleazy groove that works into a slow subdued build made for twisting some shapes to. It’s definitely got some of the duo’s signature melodic-tech sound about it.

Flip side ‘Montagsmachine’ is hypnotic and driving with minimal stabs of vocal samples and percussion. It’s a subtle track that keeps you guessing by switching it up and not doing what you might expect it to.

out now on beatport | released on iTunes 30 January 


elliot adamson - transatlantic EP

ELLIOT ADAMSON is a 19 year old producer and DJ from Newcastle who lives in London. You may recall seeing his name pop up on TTK as we’ve featured his tracks quite a few times now. He now has his first release out with London label TROUPE RECORDS and it’s a cracking EP titled ‘Transatlantic’.

Up first ‘Montpellier’ is a deep, groaning techno cut that makes a big impact on the dancefloor. Textured percussion dances with drums and industrial synths. Haunting sirens kick in half-way through to add extra drama as the track builds; well placed touch.

Detroit’ takes influence from the origins of house music with skipping drums and nice loose percussion. The raw vocal sample sits nicely with the stripped back feel of the track and there’s loads of kick to get you shaking. A great homage to the classic underground house sound.

Fellow Geordies MOONLIT VISION work a remix on ‘Detroit’ stripping it back further for a dark, minimal feel, perfect for trippy moments in dark corners of clubs.

Elliot’s tracks have already been played by the likes of Levon Vincent, Laurent Garnier, Kidnap Kid and Roska, and this EP’s only going to get him more attention from big names. One to watch for 2015. Go boi!