INCREMENTS is an art collective that ‘targets senses to trigger emotion’ working across three disciplines: sound, events and art. Established in 2014 by brothers Ross and Evan Lelliott, the duo have produced a really impressive portfolio of work so far, working with lots of exciting brands including Adidas, Harrods and the Tate Modern. Earlier this year they transformed a World War II bunker into an art installation as part of Dalston’s Land of Kings Festival (see it here) and they’ve been busy creating all sorts of wonderful things from t-shirt designs to record sleeves to films.

They also have excellent taste in electronic music – which is why we’re featuring them on TTK! Their whole concept takes a little bit of all the things we love about the underground music scene and brings them together with some stylish Increments magic to create a live experience to titillate the senses.

Their core project, a mix series entitled VITAMINS, explores music that covers a spectrum of moods and expressions, from laid back dub to instrumental melodica. Each mix comes complete with its own hypnotic vertical light installation, converted into graphic artwork for use online. Each mix experience is complimented with a conceptual cocktail list, yum. Get stuck into Vitamin E below…

Increments Live audio-visual show | Oslo, Hackney | Saturday 21 November | 00.00—03.00

Increments presents a unique live 3-hour audio-visual show in Oslo’s newly established Green Room. Expect a mesmerising and hypnotic experience complimented with dark cinematic sounds, with expert selectors Dixon Avenue Basement Jams curating and headlining the main room | facebook event 

We love Increments’ work. Their projects offer an original underground experience. With so much creative talent, we can’t wait to see what they have in store next.

follow Increments | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | instagram | web 





Shigeto - Intermission

Absorbing yourself in a SHIGETO EP is a bit like going to an immersive theatre experience. You have to be willing to commit to the performance, to let yourself go and absorb every detail. You never know what to expect. The Detroit producer is known for lush experimental electronica full of clever samples and off-kilter beats. His music is definitely for the thinkers.

After a long stretch on the road Shigeto (aka Zach Saginaw) has released a 6-track EP that “points to the past, present, and future”. The producer has spent the past few years working on a new live ensemble arrangement, playing electronics in a jazz quartet, recording with Detroit rappers and building a new studio – busy boy! – and in his own words “I haven’t found the next step for me yet. I’ve been making loads of music as always, but I’m still looking for that concrete new path”. It goes to say that Intermission takes the title quite literally. It’s a snapshot of the artists current ideas and inspiration. A place for him to experiment and express his creativity. A peek into the wonderful mind of Shigeto.

Opener ‘Pulse’ is the kind of teaser that gets you interested. ‘City Dweller’ blends jazz with breaks and is a total delight. Whimsical tracks come in the form of ‘Gently’ and ‘Deep Breathing’. ‘Do My Thing’ is the kind of melodic yet frantic Shigeto track I love. Then ‘Need Nobody’ rounds the EP off with a slightly darker and more determined edge. It’s a deep and beautiful EP that leaves you wanting more. Find somewhere you won’t be disturbed, listen and be immersed in the world of Shigeto!

Intermission is out now on GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL | buy it here


Anja Schneider invites

Our absolute fave techno babe ANJA SCHNEIDER is in London town on Saturday 3rd October for her first ever hosted event with LWE – Anja Schneider invites. The mobilee boss is bringing along Citizenn and Igor Vicente for an intimate party at The Steelyard. She says:

“I have been playing for my favourites LWE for years and I feel so honoured they gave me my own party. I’m very excited, nervous and proud, but also so ready to present some of my favourite DJs – personality wise, sound wise and fun wise. It’s gonna be killer and I can’t wait!”

“I liked him (Citizenn) from the very first moment. He has this very deep house understanding with a real cool hard approach to reaching peak time. His musical understanding is outstanding and interesting – a set from Citizenn is a true journey. When I first met him we had this lovely “click” moment. I knew we had the same understanding of fun and many laughs in common. He truly is a sweetheart and a damn good producer. I’m excited to see his career growing as it’s only the beginning.”

“Of course it’s easy to invite a mobilee artist to a party of mine. Igor Vicente is the latest entry at mobilee and has his own unique style. But Igor has honestly been the DJ who has impressed me the most at our last parties with his mind-blowing sets,” she shares. “I can’t keep this secret and wish that everyone will hear his amazing talent. He’s the most funny guy with the biggest hands I know, but if they touch the players it’s gonna be magic!” – Anja Schneider


To be in with the chance of winning 2 x tickets to Anja Schneider invites all you need to do is tag the friend you’d take on this facebook post. We’ll pick a winner at random and announce on Tuesday 29th September.

Anja Schneider Invites | saturday 3rd October | 10pm – 6am | The Steelyard, London | facebook event


hook and jacob - solid state

There’s a brand new label on the scene that’s caught our attention with a killer debut release; MOVEMENT is an imprint that been formed from the North of England by producers HOOK & Jacob who are releasing their Solid State EP to mark the start of their new project.

The three track EP kicks off with a deep and melodic club ready anthem in the form of ‘Solid State’ followed by ‘Neon Sun’ which is packed with bouncy synths and a heavy bass that come together to deliver one hell of an energetic and euphoric build. Closing things off nicely is ‘Domain’ – a softer and intricately composed cut with delicate melodic pads.

A solid start to their new label – we’ll look forward to more. Solid State EP is out on Movement 12/10.

Movement are on facebook / twitter / soundcloud


Sebastian Wojkowski - Bright Side

SEBASTIAN WOJKOWSKI nails the euphoric thing with this 2-track EP. ‘Bright Side’ is a smooth, solid house tune with a cosmic synth-led melody that draws you right in. It’s a ‘close your eyes, out your hands in the air’ kinda track – big. ‘Thing’ has a groovin’ melody reminiscent of 90s house. It’s pure dancefloor fodder with drawn out builds and heightened tension making for some totally epic moments. Nice work Seb. Rave on.

out now | buy it here



BLOND:ISH fans get excited. The talented duo have just dropped edition one of their very own radio show ‘the SPACE_BTWN’ – stream below or grab a free download by following THIS LINK and signing up to their newsletter. The 70min show features music the pair are currently into plus features like the Stalker Sessions, “where we showcase a producer from the result of our stalking sessions online looking for new or unreleased tracks”, and OMwork, “where we dig a little deeper with some meditative thinking man’s electronica”. It’s a beautifully put together selection that will give your ears some new and cosmic sounds. Doesn’t seem to be a track list though which would be cool…

They have also announced the release date for their debut full-length ‘Welcome To The Present’. The 11 track release promises tracks with ‘psychedelic and spiritual influences’ and not just peak-time bangers. We can’t wait to get lost in some mind-altering magic music. It’s out on 23 October so keep your eyes peeled.


Anja Schneider - Circle Culture

‘Circle Culture’ is ANJA SCHNEIDER’S first release of 2015 and it’s a beaut! Title track ‘Circle Culture’ builds tension slowly, teasing us with hypnotic beats and tinkling melodies. Anja makes full use of the slow build, working in a lengthy atmospheric moment before a subtly mesmerising drop. It’s blissful and full of ethereal energy with a touch of the signature Schneider bounce. The remix comes from Konstantin Sibold & Leif Muller. The pair take it to a darker place, with trippy twisted vocal samples, heightened tension and a grittier, pacier sound for the dancefloor. ‘The Squaring’, a second original track from Anja, is a smouldering blend of breakbeats and techno. Again she uses drawn out tension to build a heightened exotic atmosphere; the track is raw and dubby and a little bit dangerous. A sensual and emotive EP from one of our favourite techno artists.

out now | but it here


Alan Fitzpatrick - U Said U

ALAN FITZPATRICK is back with a pretty mega 3-track release – it’s bomb heavy! ‘Love Siren’ is deep and steamy with powerful builds and drops; definitely a dance floor winner. ‘U Said U’ is my fave from the release. Celestial vocals hum over a meaty bass line providing a great contrast of sounds. It’s sleazy and pretty at the same time and the pumping beats are killer. Wrapping it up ‘Rumours’ sure ain’t no filler track, it’s filled with a lush crescendoing melody that builds tension and drama for a great emotive dance floor workout. Strong sounds from the DRUMCODE star!

out now | buy it here


Gertie - Semper

Our favourite techno heads GERTIE have got an EP out and it’s a smasher. Four tracks; two originals, two remixes. Title track ‘Semper’ is energetic dancefloor techno true to the duo’s style; vocal samples add soul and they nail it with the tantalising builds. JON GURD gives the track a remix delivering a chunkier more progressive version. Original track deux ‘Bowden’ is bouncy, upbeat techno that you can really throw some shapes to. The remix for this one comes from HORATIO who takes it to darker, deeper places. Luvin’ it.

out now | buy here


Chapter24 ED001

ED001 marks the start of what we hope will be a growing series of compilations from melodic house and techno label CHAPTER 24.  Their First Editions LP was released yesterday, a special remix compilation that features six edits of some of the labels first and finest releases.

Kicking things off is the Melokolektiv (Crosstown Rebels, OFF) remix of Quartz’s ‘Crystals’ – a driving, melodic track with emotive builds and plenty of dance floor energy.  The euphoric, uplifting sounds of the Sam Pauli & Paul Nolan edition of Danny Oliveira’s Stargazer is next up –our fave track from the compilation.  Marten Sundberg’s edit of ‘The Owl’ is raw with dark synths and tense layers whereas things get deep in Framewerk’s edit of KatrinKa’s ‘Echo Gnomic’.   The penultimate closing track, Darien J’s rework of ‘Start Over’ is a brilliantly energetic and feel good track with one hell of a catchy melody.  Finally, the compilation closes of with another edit of ‘Echo Gnomic’, this time by Berlin based AFFECT!, a slow, unwinding piece with a dreamy, ethereal feel to it – a perfect closing track.

We’re in love with this compilation and we’re in love with Chapter 24.  They’re building a brand around a sound that’s gathering some serious momentum in the underground scene.  Be sure to follow them on SOUNDCLOUD for their latest releases and melodic goodness.

You can buy ED001 – First Editions on BEATPORT and the guys are also throwing their next Gather Round party on Saturday 12th September at Blackall Studios which will be headlined by Jonas Saalbach (live) – playing his first London show – and supported by Melokoletiv and the Chapter 24 crew which includes Paul Nolan, KatrinKa and Sam Pauli.  Tickets are on RA HERE.

We’re also really excited as KartinKa is the lined up to produce our next Kittencast…. keep an eye out for that one coming early August.