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Matrixman – The XX Files Part II

2013 was a break-out year for San Francisco based producer and internet persona, Martrixxman. The year climaxed with his EP ‘The XX Files’ on blossoming Brooklyn imprint Fifth Wall. The record cemented Matrixxman’s transition from his previous project 5kinAndBone5. After last years success of the EP a The XX Files: Part II has dropped, with a fair amount of anticipation. The new record released on Soo00 Wavey, Matrixxman & Vin Sol’s record label. It’s a definitely change in taste and structure from the last XX Files, in which the record adapts a similar context, but with a taste more aligned with the Sooo Wavey sound. 

A1. Soul M8 - Good drum track with interesting drum samples, and detuned 808 sounds. The melody doesn’t get me going though. Sounds like it’s heavily influenced by Vaporwave/5kinandbone5 sounds | 2 out of 5

A2. Holographic Ft. Vin Sol – Second best cut from the record. Nice moving dancefloor atmosphere with simple elements. This track is the most similar to the previous XX Files 1 | 3 out of 5

B1. Jane Doe – Has the most jacking qualities out of the record. the phaser effects and drum sequencing is pleasantly constructed. I could see this as a good energy tool for DJs at the right time of the night | 2 out of 5

B2. Artificial Intelligence – is a hollow and spacious sound palette that reminds me of dark foggy nights in San Francisco. The synths feel the most complete, and full out of the four tracks on the record. Something that can easily be lost in | 4 out of 5

I think this is a good record to add to your bag if you’re interested in analog drum tracks, and listen to a lot of the weird outboard stuff from people like, Ital, Bobby Browser, Bicep, etc.

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words | Cassidy

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Techno ledge Jesse Siminski (aka Heartthrob) has a second release out on his newly minted imprint ISNISNT (we covered the first release here). ‘Someone Called Again’ EP is 4-tracks long, showcasing Heartthrob’s innovative take on making electronic music, a willingness to try something new and his strong sense of style. The title track packs a big energy filled punch; tough driving bass, frantic melodies and swung snare, this track is not short of personality. ‘Cougar Juice’ keeps the buzzy energy going, bursts of horn give it a wonky feel and the trademark Haertthrob bass is well and truly driving. The ‘Reduced Dub’ version strips the track back and focuses on the bassline and drums. Possibly my favourite of the EP propping it up at the tail-end is ‘Let Them Go’, a deep melodic track with a gorgeous steady build and mesmerising percussion; super stylish. I’m very much enjoying Hearttrob’s ISNISNT releases, it’s evident he’s enjoying them too.

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out now on digital and vinyl | buy it here


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Tropical Chaos

It’s official – Spring is here!  Everyone’s that little bit chirpier, the nights are lighter, the evenings are warmer and summer is just around the corner.  Enter this aptly timed release from Lithuanians Tropical Chaos, a feel good EP that’s radiating so much summery goodness it’ll give you that much needed hit of Vitamin D.

This four track release is a very much a remix package of their track ‘Leaving Train’ which features the gorgeous vocals of babein French singer Loumar.  I have to admit that it’s the remixes that actually make this release for me.  The original is a bouncy, carefree, happy and shamelessly camp track that is certainly going to be a summer hit, but it just doesn’t have enough bite. The Panda remix however throws in driving percussion and fierce pianos which really steps this track up a notch and injects some serious energy.  What I love about this remix is the sampling of Loumar’s vocals throughout whilst still maintaining the core verses, keeping this remix true to the original.

‘WellDone!’ label boss HRRSN has also taken on the remix duties bringing a funky twist to the track with warm synth stabs and electronic organ tones.  Here the vocals are used as a melodic element as he adjusts the pitch to deliver a fun and refreshing element to the remix.  The ‘Madmotormiquel & Sascha Cawa’ remix has a bit of a retro electronic feel with innovative use of the vocal samples too.

‘Leaving Train’ EP by Tropical Chaose is out now on WellDone! Music.  Get it here.

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Deft - Always Greener

Croydon boy Deft is one of those special artists who can make electronic music that effortlessly transitions between genres and has something new to discover every time you delve into it. His latest work five-track EP ‘Always Greener’ had me wanting more after my first listen. Opening track ‘Octavia’ starts the EP off with a pop of warm bouncy UK house, cue searing melodies, spacey vocal cuts and shuffling beats. After a dreamy interlude the frantic infectious jungle energy of ‘Emeralds’ makes you feel like you’re partying in a space-station; I think this one might be my favourite track from the EP but it’s a tough call… ‘Perky’ nods towards Deft’s footwork roots and is majorly fucking cool. Rounding things off nicely is ‘A Little Kiss’, a crunchy atmospheric track with added bubbles! This EP is such a soundfest for the ears – get stuck in.

Always Greener EP is out now | buy it here | full stream on XLR8R

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‘Calippo’ EP is the latest release on Keno Records from label founder David Keno and Jaxson.  This four track release features some downright deep and funky house, fitting perfectly with the labels output of classy, dance-floor focused house grooves.  Included are two original tracks and remixes from Oliver Schories and Adrian Martin.

Opening things is the original mix of self-titled track ‘Calippo’ which brings together happy harmonious strings, stabbed organ grooves and at the very heart a fierce oscillating bass. It’s one of those rare house tracks that brings together that string-happy early house vibe (I’m thinking Strings of Life style here) with a darker bass-led element, which is well, so now (I’m thanking Maceo for leading on that).  Supporting this is a brilliant remix from Oliver Schories who brings a darker feel to the track with deeper tones and by stripping out those dominating strings of the original.  That bass is still there although very subtly in the background, lurking around in this dreamy atmospheric edit.

Flip it over and you’ve got another original track from the duo, ‘Phone’.  This one has a classic electronic feel to it thanks to the synth chord stabs which feature throughout which also add a bit of a euphoric edge.  As with Calippo there is an enjoyable bass line at the heart of this track and I can’t help but get a rush when I listen to the build that breaks up the track about halfway through.  Adrian Martin’s remix is packed with groove, taking those synth stabs down a notch and bringing the vocals, which are extremely subtle in the original, to the forefront of his remix.

This is a brilliant EP and my first introduction to Keno Records, a label I’ll certainly be keeping an ear out for now.

Jaxson & David Keno’s ‘Calippo’ EP is out on Keno Records 26th March (Vinyl), 9th April (Beatport) and 23rd April (Digital) 2014.


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tydes - pray for you

Tydes is a young artist from LA and his debut EP has just been released on La Montagne Records; experimental chillwave it’s the perfect thing to get stuck into on a Monday. Tydes’ sound is thoughtful, emotive and other worldly with a strong emphasis on dreamy vocals. He’s enlisted a host of talented vocalists for the EP, each with a distinct tone. I love the way he plays with sounds and works in lots of samples to create tracks that are rich and vibrant. Remixes form P A T H and BABEL round off a well-done debut EP with plenty of personality.

buy it here

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reflections EP

This three track release from Chris Lattner & East Ends Dubs is a delicious serving of dark and melodic sounds.  Released on Dogmatik Records, the label that helped launch the careers of Maya Jane Coles and Dusky, ‘Reflections’ EP marks the duo as another brilliant addition to the labels roster.

Kicking things off is ‘Nutcracker’, a track with a dark hypnotic melody at its heart. It has a gritty feel with minimal percussion and menacing undertones which would all fit perfectly at any underground party. ‘Raising The Bar’ continues the minimal feel with subtle melodic elements and penetrating bass tones along with building chords, developing a heavy atmospheric feel.  Closing things off is title track ‘Reflections’, another dark and melodic composition from the duo.  This one seems to be packing more than the previous two tracks, with more hypnotic elements, echoing chord stabs and punchy percussion.

Chris Lattner & East End Dubs ‘Reflections’ EP is out on Dogmatik now | buy here