Darko V

Studio 11 is a spanking new London-based imprint which has launched with ‘Metronomic’, a two-track EP from label-founder Darko V. The title track kicks in with crunchy, percussive dub-techno and strong melodic elements; it’s an intricate, captivating production with a melancholic warmth to it. On the flip side is ‘The Devils in the Detail’ which has a dreamier, dub-ier sound and some sweet bubbling arpeggios; the kind of stuff that’s easy to get lost in.

out now | vinyl only (exclusive 400 copies)

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Watergate 17 Pan-Pot

If you like techno buy this album. It’s the best mix album we’ve heard all year and we have been completely rinsing it here at TK HQ. We went to see Pan-Pot play LWE at iCan Studios in Hackney last Friday (amazing as always) and this mix is just like their sets; melodic, energetic, exciting and makes you dance yourself into a crazy sweat-drenched frenzy. It’s number 17 of Watergate’s mix series; the Berlin club where the duo are one of the signature acts. The track selection is superb and it’s packed with exclusives including new tracks from Pan-Pot themselves. The mix keeps the pace up from the beginning and is proper party techno the whole way through. There are loads of fist-pumping-the-air moments and big, big tracks that would more than do justice to any sound system. We will be playing this (especially at pre/after parties) for many years to come – classic mix right here. Pan-Pot we salute you; ain’t no one can do it quite like you.

out now | buy it here

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WATERGATE 17  | PAN-POT complete tracklist

1. Pavel Petrov – “Adapt” (Traum Schallplatten)
2. Radio Slave – “Don’t Stop No Sleep” (Nonplus Records)
3. Marco Resmann – “Hello Again” (Watergate Records Exclusive Track)
4. Clint Stewart - “Drenched” (Watergate Records Exclusive Track)
5. Shall Ocin / Paneo – “Lurking Wolves” (Ellum Audio)
6. Whyt Noyze – “Shift” (Sci+Tec)
7. Mark Broom – “Nucleus” (Gynoid Audio)
8. Darlyn Vlys – “Floor 122″ (Santé + Sidney Charles Warehouse Dub) (AVOTRE)
9. Pan-Pot - “Substance” (Second State)
10. Alberto Pascual – “Doer” (CLR)
11. Dario Zenker – “27 Northwest” (Ilian Tape)
12. Maceo Plex – “Conjure Bass” (Ellum Audio)
13. Stephan Hinz – “Hungry” (Watergate Records Exclusive Track)
14. Skober – “Bring It To Me” (Phobiq Recordings)
15. Pan-Pot – “Grey Matter” (Second State)
16. Josh Wink – “Are You There” (Ben Klock Remix) (Ovum Recordings)
17. Martin Eyerer - “Reckless” (Watergate Records Exclusive Track)
18. Pan-Pot & Slam – “Conductor” (Watergate Records Exclusive Track)
19. Pan-Pot & Vincenzo – “Fiction Inc.” (Watergate Records Exclusive Track)


Leftback 003

Nottingham based Leftback Records put out some lovely vinyl releases. Their latest, ‘Leftback 003′, is from detective duo Strangeways & McLardy (ok, they’re not really a detective duo but they should be!). ‘Kepler’ features a lovely hypnotic wind instrument (don’t giggle) and lots of exotic atmosphere. Flipside 1 ‘Backwash (OCH Remix)’ is a well-crafted house number with some nice dark dubby sounds. ‘Backwash (Orginal Mix)’ has a warmer dub sound and some nice dancefloor-ready builds.

out now | buy it here

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sam paganini - satellite

Sam Paganini has come close to producing a perfect techno album here. Yeah, it’s that good! 12-tracks long you get the feeling that a lot of love and attention to detail went into this release. Easing us in is an atmospheric intro which creates a spacey experimental vibe ready for some drama, then…boom! Paganini hits us with ‘Another Chance’, ‘White’ and ‘Down’, three tracks that will not just get a dance floor moving but completely destroy it. Hypnotic bass lines and driving percussion are the Italians signature style and his spot-on production skills are showcased to the max in these tracks.

‘Silver Panorama’ switches up the pace giving us some more of those spacey melodic sounds and showing a gentler side to the hard-techno favourite; a pretty interlude while your fist pumping action has a brief rest. ‘Lotus’, ‘Dusty’ and ‘Toxic’ will get you raving once more; proper ‘4am going mental on the dance floor’ stuff. Switching things back is ‘Cosmo’ a very romantic floaty number that somehow just makes sense sitting after its naughty predecessors.

Sam flexes a darker sound with ‘Rave’ which is filled with spooky warped horns and lots of sultry attitude. ‘Sunflower’ winds us down with some melodic techno and ‘Exit’ is a gorgeously fuzzy outro that rounds off this wonderful arrangement of music just the job. It’s a cliche but ‘what a journey!’.

Easily one of the techno albums of 2014. Sam Paganini is the man.

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alexander koning - our love was everything_edited-1

WOW. Just wow. This latest offering from Percep-Tion is just magnificent.

‘Our Love Was Everything’ is a six track package from Alex Koning consisting of two original tracks and a whole host of superb remixes to boot. The title track features the gorgeous vocals of Rona Ray and comes with a remix from Traum Schallplatten’s Tim Engelhardt who transforms the warm, soft paced original into an emotional techno cut that we simply cannot get enough of. The chords of this remix lift the track and brings so much ethereal energy, making one heck of a beautiful rework.

The second original track of this release is ‘Flamingos on Ritalin’ (we would love to know how that title came about). This is certainly one for the dance floor as the hypnotic melody and driving beats push the tempo of the release. Dutch producer Malbetrieb offers two remixes; a dub version and one with murmured vocals and sweeps. Matt Keyl has also stepped up to remix duties, creating a stripped back, minimal version of the track with a focus on percussion.

This EP gets a big paws up from us here at TTK and we’re excited to see what releases Percep-Tion and Koning have for us in the future…


fideles - hidden lover EP

Brand new label New Violence Records is kicking things off with a tasty new release from Italian tech-house producers Fideles. Their ‘Hidden Lover’ EP has already had huge support from artists that include Stacey Pullen, Leon, King Unique, Jozif and more. Although the EP as a whole is very much tech-house orientated, the title track has a deeper, melodic feel to it – you could certainly expect to hear ‘Hidden Lover’ rattling the sound system of a club at peak time. In fact as you listen to the rest of the EP you begin to realise that this isn’t just another label pushing out tech house, it’s blurring the lines between tech house and techno and doing it well. ‘Better Thing’ is next up and another example of the genre bending skills of the duo as it develops from a jumpy, house track into a darker, techno piece with piercing saws that creep in through the build. ‘Slopping’ and ‘Soul’Nu’ are more towards the tech-house end of the sprectrum, but pounding bass and cheeky melodic elements creep in, making this a very interesting EP.

‘Hidden Lover’ EP by Fideles is released on New Violence Records 29.9.14

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Long-term mates and collaborators Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy are back in the studio together after a four year break and most definitely on top form. ‘Kerberos’ is minimal with a neo-trance melody and heaps of tingling atmosphere. It’s the kind of track you can get lost in with enough builds to get you coming up on the train on a weekday morning – the last few minutes are quite spectacular. ‘Styx’ really works the cascading keys to create an intense melancholic and dramatic track; cinematic stuff. Very strong tracks indeed – may this partnership continue.

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What immediately grabbed my attention about the debut album from Berlin-based producers Egokind & Ozean were the big names that the album promo compared the duo to - Jon Hopkins, Caribou, James Holden and Four Tet. These are all artists that I have fallen in love with because of the beautiful, melodic and emotional music that they create. This bold claim certainly grabbed my attention and within minutes I was listening…

‘Transition’ is an album with the perfect blend of emotional, melancholic tracks alongside energetic, feel good compositions. The duo recorded each track with live instruments, later manipulating in post-production to develop their beautifully unique and transformed sound. The LP is made up of thirteen tracks, each of which offer an individual feel and input into the album. For example, you have the driving beats and warm sounds of ‘Mega’ which could certainly pass as the product of a Four Tet/Jon Hopkins collaboration; ‘Mute Memories’ is a down-beat, melancholic track with distorted vocals and delicate melodic elements; ‘We Float Around (And Hang Out On Clouds)’ is soft and chilled with a beautiful piano at its heart (that really does transport you to a cloud if you close your eyes); ‘Silverbird Wake Me Up’ has to be my pick of the album – it’s a feel good, melodic track with the production quality you would expect from Four Tet.

This was my first introduction to Egoking & Ozean and it was a pleasant surprise. It’s not often you find an album that delivers tracks of such high quality and consistency throughout. I’ve been genuinely impressed by the style and originality of their sound and, of course, enjoyed the elements of their music that hint to influences from the pioneering producers they are boldly compared to.

‘Transition’ the debut album from Egokind & Ozean is released in the UK 3.10.14 on Traum (CD/Vinyl/Digital) – Buy it here and stream below!

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The Menace EP

Kerri Chandler’s MadTech imprint continues to impress us with another EP serving up classic deep house. This one comes from South East London duo No Artificial Colours, (Lewis Wright and Ryan Ellis), who have been name checked by artists like Maya Jane Coles, Jamie Jones and Paul Woolford. Title track ‘The Menace’ features emotive vocals and grooves so deep you can get lost in them; top dance floor fodder and pretty f*cking sexy. ’Hypnotize’ is a melodic and dreamy venture into the deep, with subtle eerie sound effects and loads of hi-hats to keep you shuffling. ‘Hawk’ rounds off the trio with a touch of the old skool and a thumping dirty dance floor bass.

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This is the second EP from Stan Ritch on NTFO’s label Sintope Digital.  As the title implies the release is made up of two tracks, both of which serve up a hefty serving of emotional electronica.  ‘World Gate’ consists of simple beats and bass with a twinkling melody that builds with sinister background tones; ‘No Role’ has a euphoric synth melody at it’s heart and warbling pads that inject energy.  Dark and tingling stuff. We like a lot!

No Role / World Gate are both out now – get the EP on Beatport