Sister Bliss

Today really is a special day for us – its our first birthday AND we’re able to publish interviews with TWO amazing female talents.

The second interview of today is with the one and only SISTER BLISS! We talk to her about her first single for 10 years (preview below), her plans for the summer and what her new label ‘Junkdog’ is all about…

You’ve just released your first single in 10 years which is also the debut for your brand new label, Junkdog -how does that feel?

Really chuffed to have a great home after all these years touring with Faithless to re-establish my current ‘sound’ and showcase other artists whose music does it for me.

Can you tell us anything about the artists and the kind of sound we can expect from Junkdog?

Guess the sound is house with a real London swagger to it- there’s a bit of fabulous ghetto bass, with the likes of Zebrakatz, but also plenty of emotion with the likes of ‘Ain’t There’, my first release, and my Laura Mvula remix.

I’m also very excited about an artist called ‘I Sad No’ who have just done a great remix for me- they’re like a 21st Century Basement Jaxx having a brawl in a dark Berlin club!

Which other artists are you loving at the moment, and what track are you listening to on repeat?

Loving Maceo Plex- probably the most consistently lovely releases this year, lots of good mixes around from Wayze & Odessey. On repeat- amazing folk artist: Joe Banfi ‘Nomads’ (Communion)

Are you planning any festival appearances this summer?

Kicking off with the 15th anniversary at Ultra Festival, Miami, and I can see Belgium, Hungary, Zagreb, Cyprus and Mexico in the diary at a glance!

And finally, what would Sister Bliss get up to as a Techno Kitten for the day?

I’d be licking from a bowl of jersey cream all day while miaow-ing along to a Jeff Mills DJ set, with any luck!

Sister Bliss’s ‘Ain’t There’ is out now on Junkdog Records at Beatport (Buy here)



Today the Techno Kittens are one year old and we couldn’t think of a better birthday present than being given the opportunity to interview Anja Schneider.

We put a few questions to technos most stylish lady, here’s what we asked…

Hi Anja, as founder of one of our favourite ever labels Mobilee you’re a bit of a hero of ours! What’s Mobilee got planned for 2013?

The next chapter of our mobilee back to back compilation will be released in a few weeks. This year Rodriguez Jr. is in charge presenting the sound of mobilee and adding a full album of exclusive music on CD2. Most of the tracks are produced in colloboration with mobilee artists like Sebo K, And.Id, Ray Okpara, Tassilo from Pan-Pot, Safeword and myself. This summer we will be at Sonar again as usual and hosting some very special parties on our beloved Hotel Diagonal rooftop. This is the highlight of our party year as we all have the chance to be together for a few days. But this year the authorities cut down the max capacity to max 235 people and there is no chance to get any tickets. Because of this we are doing a big pool party on Thursday at La Carpa in Barcelona with all mobilee artists and some special guests – tickets will go on sale soon. There is a new album from mobilee artist And.Id in the pipeline. I am still working on my new artist album and hope (fingers crossed) I can deliver it for release at the end of the summer.

You’re playing at Eastern Electrics festival in August, we’re gonna be there too – who would you recommend we check out?

Everyone! Wish I could stay there all the days and watch everybody performing. Its a great line-up with highlights every day and will be difficult to choose which to see.

Last summer Mobilee held a series of special summer parties including a rooftop party in Barcelona (we really wished we could have been at that one), any plans for more this summer?

As mentioned before that’s one of our annual highlights and we did that in Berlin, Barcelona and Moscow as well last August. Actually we are planning a mobilee rooftop world tour across the globe visiting the most exciting Hotel rooftops with pools and exciting views. But don’t tell anybody yet as its a secret project we are working on.

What tracks are you playing on repeat right now?

I have the perfect platform for testing our own label tracks at my gigs and take full advantage of it! I have my own ‘Diagonal’ EP coming out mid-April, so this will be on repeat with the rest. Tracks have a pretty short life-span set wise, as I play new ones all the time but I always try to support friends and our own on mobilee.

If you were a Techno Kitten for the day what would you get up to?

Every day I’m a ‘Techno Kitten’ with my work – meow!

Anja Schneider will be playing at Eastern Electrics festival in August along with Mobilee label mates Pan-Pot and a whole bunch of other great djs. Find out more and buy tickets here. We’ll be there – come and join us, it’s going to be a good one!




New kids on the block, Plexus Records got in touch about their debut release ‘Falsey’ from Pause.  We caught up with the guys behind the label and found out what Plexus is all about…

So, who are you?

The label was formed by myself (Steve Young) who records under the name ‘Scarper‘ & friend and fellow producer Lawrence Pearce who goes under the name ‘Pause‘.  Pause is obviously behind the first release ‘Falsey’ & the remix was produced by another good friend of ours ‘Reso‘.  Pause has DJ’d at high-profile festivals incl. Glade & done remixes for artists such as ‘Stac‘ (WahWah45s).

Tell us about Plexus Records… how’d it come about?

We’d been talking about putting our heads together for a while, and the timing just felt right.  Pause released an EP on ‘Beach Hut Records’ a couple of years back & Scarper had released some material on N.O.I.A. Records.  We thought we’d use our recent successes and experience to springboard a new label where we could create an identity of our own whilst being in control of our own output. We also have some hugely talented mates between us and felt that their music needed to be shared with the world as much as our own, so Plexus is the perfect platform for that to happen.  Once things are off the ground, we’re also gonna get our A&R hats on & search for some unknown talent out there as finding new artists is as important to us as promoting our own.

 Your debut release, Falsey, is a deep, bassy, 2-step number – is this the kind of sound we can expect from Plexus in the future?

Not necessarily.  It’s a good gauge of the type of interesting, highly-musical electronic stuff we’re into, but we want to throw ourselves far & wide in terms of genre.  I’d hope that in the future you could expect to see an ambient composer making gorgeous soundscapes alongside an experimental noise-mutator on the Plexus roster!  Looking at labels such as Warp & Ninja Tune, you can’t help but admire the way they have developed, morphed and expanded over the years.  They definitely serve as an inspiration with regards to how we want to run Plexus.

Can you tell us about any of the other artists set to release on Plexus?

I can’t go into too much detail at present, but we’re extremely excited about one particular artist who happens to be a pseudonym of a really well-respected producer!  The demos we’ve heard so far are sounding awesome and quite different from what he/she has done before.

And if the Plexus team were to be kittens for the day… what would you get up to?

Naughty kittens that we are, we would probably spend most of the day asleep then at night we would sneak out & prowl around in the dark looking for a cat rave-up, obviously after having sorted our Catnip & fake ID’s!

Pause is set for release 13/3/13 and you can stream below.  Keep up to date with Plexus Records by following them on facebook and soundcloud.


We introduced you to Ninjury last week with their spot on remix of Shy Look ‘Worthy’. This weekend the duo played at The Warehouse Project in Manchester and the live recording is below. It’s ramoed with big tech-house and bass tunes and some old Claude Vonstroke tracks that brought back happy memories. The feisty pair answered a few questions for us:

What is the Ninjury sound? Bass music infused with Tech House and Hip Hop

Favourite djs at the moment? Justin Martin, Claude VonStroke, Eats Everything, Shadow Child

Dream gig? Playing at one of the Dirty Bird parties in San Fran would be cool as f**k!

Track on repeat? We have been nailing “String Thing” by Shadow Child this year, best track of the year. But we need to mention Justin Martin’s “Ghettos and Gardens” Album as well – every track on that is sick!

What would you do as a kitten for the day? Picture puss in boots fully kitted up like a ninja on a dog rampage!

Enjoy the rockin’ set and give them a big like on Facebook – there will be more good things to come!

Mr FitzGerald

George FitzGerald has got it going on. The Londoner gets it spot on with his blend of house and garage and produces catchy tracks that are guaranteed dance floor faves- ‘Child’ is a perfect example. The lovely George is playing the EC-Lectricity Presents stage on Saturday at Global Gathering.

We last saw him play at mulletover‘s birthday party back in April. We’ll be sure to check him out this Saturday. Marvelous George!

George’s latest EP ‘Child’ is available for download via Beatport. Have a listen below.

Exclusive Interview: Falk

Falk Recordings are a UK based record label that we are very much digging at the moment. We spoke to label owner Henry Oakley to find out more…

How did Falk come about?

Falk was started in 2008 by James A. Shaw. He named the label after Peter Falk, the actor who played Colombo in the TV series. The Falk logo is based on the glass eye that Peter Falk had. We met a year earlier (2007) at Bloom festival in the UK, I think him and his mate were in the tent next door to us or something. I was running a digital label called bristolDeep at the time, my second label (I had previously run Sinister Bleep, a vinyl only limited run white-label label up in London) and although we didn’t chat a huge amount that weekend, we kept in touch and occasionally sent each other new material we were working on.

Fast forward to 2011, I’d put bristolDeep to bed and by this time Falk had only had 2 releases in 3 years. I happened to send James a new track I’d just finished called Mellowmarsh, he loved it, we got chatting and I ended up coming on board to co-run Falk.

The result was a massively increased output which was really well received, being supported, charted and included in mixes by artists and DJs like Luke Solomon, Ralph Lawson, Master H, Silicone Soul, Martin Iveson, Brendon Moeller, Brothers Vibe, Tim Green, Rob Mello, Moodymanc, Minilogue…

Haha, this sounds suspiciously like name dropping! I don’t mean it to and actually I’m fairly adverse to hype and everything that goes with it… really we’ve just been incredibly lucky to have any support… that my family and friends like what I love doing is good enough for me! We did, and I still do, all of the PR and marketing ourselves and I think keeping it personal and down to earth really helps here… working in a more organic way rather than pushing it and shouting in peoples faces.

Towards the end of 2011 James decided he wanted to leave to do his own thing again, leaving just me at the helm and that’s where Falk is today, about to send its 10th release out into the world; Joe Europe ‘Idiot Box’, out 6th August in all of the usual places and available already for pre-order from our bandcamp shop.

What is the Falk sound?

The Falk sound, if Falk has a sound, has come about without intention and so it’s hard for me to pin down. Really I just release music that I like, sometimes it’s deep and melodic and sometimes it’s Berghain techno… that no doubt reflects my own taste in electronic music. I guess the running theme is that all of the music on Falk has integrity. What I mean by that is that it isn’t flashy or in-your-face, but it’s up there with the best either musically or in its ability to move a dance-floor. It can be quite subtle, slow burning without tricks and gimmicks and as a result, I think often overlooked… but if you take your time and let yourself become absorbed in one of our releases, they can really take you places that the run-of-the-mill deep house and techno labels don’t. I’m very lucky that over the past year Falk seems to have formed a great base of very talented regular artists around the label.

What do you have in store for us?

August see’s the release of Joe Europe’s ‘Idiot Box’ a deep and chunky slice of acid tinged house. Joe is definitely one of our more dancefloor focused artists, but the great thing about Joe’s music is that it works outside the club too. Later in the year we have deep deep house from Greg Sawyer, some very special pop-infused funk from Olefonken, a second single with remixes from the hugely talented and highly musical Shigeru Tanabu ft. akane del mar, all followed by some a couple of top-secret new signings with some really interesting new sounds. Oh and maybe an outing or two from yours truly along the way at some point!

Which other record labels do you admire?

Raster Noton are genius, one of my favourite labels (although my fiancee describes a lot of their music as sounding like insects trapped in a box!), Kafkatrax, Profan, Protest, Fright, Ostgut Ton, My Best Friend (mainly Riley Reinhold’s release on there I especially dig), Magazine, are all really interesting labels and get the most (if not almost exclusive!) play in my collection… I like tonnes of other more housey/techno labels for the club too… but albums released on the labels I mentioned get listened to a lot, particularly stuff by Wolfgang Voigt, Byetone, Signal, Riley Reinhold, Frank Bretschneider, Anne-James Chaton and the Berghain stuff on Ostgut Ton.

What would the Falk team do if they were kittens for the day?

Probably be quite boring… sleep all day curled up on a bed or comfy couch next to my beautiful golden lab, Barney (featured on the cover my Mellowmarsh release), who adores cats!

(Hehe we’ve ‘kittenized’ Barney above – cutie!)

Falks latest release ‘Idiot Box’ by Joe Europe is out on 06 Aug. Pre-order here. We massively love the artwork!

Listen to more on their soundcloud page here.

TK meets MK

Deep and sexy would probably best describe the sound of Switzerland’s Matt Kay who caught our attention with his latest mix, In The End, below. He’s uploaded a very nice selection of mixes to his soundcloud and they’re downloadable via his podcast. We’ve really enjoyed listening to him, so have decided to introduce him to you. He kindly answered some questions we had for him…

How would you describe your sound? Difficult to describe in one sentence. I started playing years ago with a very housey, commercial sound. I then had a long techno period, playing very dark, massive sounds. Getting older and discovering more music, I really fell in love with deeper tech house sounds, something more sexy but always with a good groove. I love to play music that you can enjoy on the dance floor or something you can listen at home having sex. Like the lyrics of one of my favorite tracks, it must be something special, sexy wonderful. Love is on the dancefloor, isn’t it?

What’s your favourite track at the moment? There are a lot of tracks I’m totally in love with right now! What Maceo Plex is producing is just amazing, I love all of his latest releases, especially ‘Under The Sheets’. ‘Let Love Decide’ by Roland Clark (Art Department remix) is also great. I’m also enjoying ‘Something Special’ by Miguel Campbell and the Joris Voorn remix of Lana Del Ray ‘Video Games’. I also love playing Jan Blomqvist ‘I don’t think about you’, this track is a real bomb! And one more Amirali ‘Beautiful World’. There are a lot of tracks I love!

Have you considered producing as well as DJing? Well, that’s one of the question I keep asking myself every year (and that people are asking me a lot too)! I always answer, ‘Yes, this year I will put all my energy on producing my own music!’, but I don’t know… I cannot find the right energy to start doing that yet. I know it’s a good way to show to the people my personal touch but there is always something going wrong between the production and myself. Perhaps next year, who knows?

Finally, if you were a kitten for a day what would you do? I would love to be a kitten. They have a fantastic life, no? Everyone says you’re so cute and wants to stroke you. If I could be a kitten for a day, I would listen to my music on a sofa and ask for hugs all day long. What a beautiful life!

Check out Matt’s gigatools profile to see where he’s playing next.