TRACKS WE’RE DIGGIN’ 2DAY | 02.09.2015

kitty tongue out

A lovely little selection of new tracks – just for you…go…

1. Raving George Feat. Oscar And The Wolf | You’re Mine (Original Mix) – sublime beats, grainy vocals
2. Booka Shade | Wildest Thing – Booka go bassy
3. Eats Everything feat Tiga Vs Audion | Dancing (Again!) – gets you moving…ooofff
4. Tube & Berger & Robosonic | Dis Track (Original Mix) – warm, frothy and lots of fun
5. Andre Crom & Chi Thanh | Freedom Call feat. Jinadu (Musumeci ReEdit Vocal Mix) – synth lead dancefloor juice
6. Bloque M | Beat Down – big and twisted
7. Kasper Bjørke | Into Smithereens (Matt Karmil Remix) – layered melodies build beautifully
8. Solomon Grey | Twilight (Night Mix) – emotive and epic


Sebastian Wojkowski - Bright Side

SEBASTIAN WOJKOWSKI nails the euphoric thing with this 2-track EP. ‘Bright Side’ is a smooth, solid house tune with a cosmic synth-led melody that draws you right in. It’s a ‘close your eyes, out your hands in the air’ kinda track – big. ‘Thing’ has a groovin’ melody reminiscent of 90s house. It’s pure dancefloor fodder with drawn out builds and heightened tension making for some totally epic moments. Nice work Seb. Rave on.

out now | buy it here


jumping cat

This instalment of awesome new tracks is full of beefy club bangers with big beats and bad bass. They’re putting some spring in our step this week. Hit play and have a little dance around (or just do some head nodding if you’re sitting at your desk)…

Dyone | Only Love Can Set U-Free (Bicep Remix) – warm chords and vocals equal big bouncy track
Harvey McKay | Wrong Turn – deep tech doing great in da clubs
Hot Since 82 | State – big and throbbing
Dusky | Squeezer – sweet and
Hunger/Game | Utopia – dangerous and twisted
Ran Salman | Anamnesis – epic spaced-out sounds from the Steyoyoke crew
Coyu & Edu Imbernon | El Baile Aleman (Patrick Topping Remix) – a seriously tantalising drop and nice vocal samples
Hot Since 82 | Play The Room  – a real smooth groove
Partok Matushka Apfelberg | Nai Nai – funk-laced house
Hot Chip | Need You Know (Moonlight Matters Remix) – let’s get housey!
Nicolas Jaar | Tourists (Creange Remix) – delicate and exotic
Kije Manito | Ctwo – sultry dub, cute vocals
Ferreck Dawn | Superman (Radio Edit) – puts a smile on your face


two cats-one roar

This little selection of ten totally dreamy tracks is oh so very very nice. Lots to love! Hit play, find a new artist to follow, find a new track to dance to – you’re going to love this lot…

1. Hayden James | Something About You (Ben Pearce Remix) – deep, smooth and sexy
2. AURORA | Running With The Wolves (Host Remix) – ethereal tones and serious beats
3. Toni Morreti | Merlo – what a groove, saucy stuff with some added bass
4. Benwaa | Something Something [Free Download] – a trippy tune to get lost in
5. Oliver Huntemann | Schwarzlicht – euphoric tinkles with a snarling undertone
6. Manimalspirit | That someone ( Unlayr remix) – ghostly and darkly atmospheric
7. The Acid | Ra (Olaf Stuut Remix) – a crunchy reworking, real nice vocals
8. Charles Murdoch | Straws – cosmic, dreamy to float you up to the sky
9. AKASE | Rust (Midland Dub) – warbling vocals and a sleazy atmosphere
10. LIR | Chasing – pure loveliness from a new discovery, we want more


cat at window

Some new stuff that we think is rad, just in time for the weekend. This lot’s packed with soul and melody and those all-important beats. Get stuck in to an hour of new tracks and find a new favourite to rinse loud.

  1. dOP | You (Not Unusual Remix) – sassy deep house with soft husky vocals
  2. SoulCircuit feat. Maverick Sabre | Rolling With Me – escalating melodies with a slap of soul
  3. Tensnake | The Walk – Robin S samples groove you back to the 90s
  4. Juliet Sikora | Larry’s Garage – jumpin’ house, whack vocals, smack!
  5. Junior Jack | E Samba – a twisted, mashed-up take on the samba
  6. PAJI | Opus 7 – emotive warping beats
  7. GoldFFinch | Unworthy – synth melodies and a hazy hum
  8. Hot Since 82 | Voices – a touch of the tribal and the punch you’d expect from ‘82
  9. Nicolas Masseyeff & Miss Kittin | June – a funky builder
  10. Kasbah Zoo & Oniwax |Jungle Man – an energy that grabs you and sucks you in
  11. The Man Who Loved Only Numbers (Tact Recordings) – dark with some kind of didgeridoo going on (it works!)


Ambassadeurs - patterns

‘Crimson’ from AMBASSADEURS just made me do a drool down my face. We’ve been loving the UK artists’ sound on TTK since he came onto the scene a few years ago and this latest offering demonstrates how he has really honed his style from lovely into uber-lovely! With a debut album out on 29th June and a tour around Europe and North America kicking off next week this boy’s just gonna get bigger and bigger. We can’t wait to clap our ears round his album. Keep posted for a review and in the meantime, stream ‘Crimson’ below, close your eyes and let all those delicious sounds wash over you like a big fuzzy electronic hug.

‘Patterns’ the debut album from Ambassadeurs is out on vinyl and digital on 29 June on the artists own label LOST TRIBE RECORDS



Genesis EP - HunterGame

Emmanuele Nicosia and Martino Bartola, the duo HUNTER/GAME, make music equally influenced by the city and by nature. ‘Genesis’, out now on their own label JUST THIS, is a 5-track EP which demonstrates an earthy yet raw sound. Title track ‘Genesis’ is melodic and lush. It drips with a dark, sweeping energy punctuated with pops of lighter sounds and a build that keeps you hanging on for more. Ripperton’s remix amps up the percussion for a primal, tribal sound.

‘Tree of Life’ uses subtle effects to create the sense of something growing and evolving. We love Chymera’s sassy hi-hat filled remix. ‘Eclipse’ is a bonus track that comes with the digital version of the release. It’s haunting and trance-like with a moody warping melody. We’re excited to hear another interesting release from this new label.

out now | buy here



We have a special Freebie Friday download today… ‘teschno’ comes from Andrea Fiorito on the back of his latest album release. And no, that’s not a typo.  It’s a beast of a techno track – one we’re sure you’re going to love.  We managed to catch up with Andrea to ask him a few questions about the release and his recent album ‘Voodoo Grooves’…

Hey Andrea, your album recently landed on Mike Shannon’s CYNOSURE imprint… we understand you recorded it in a studio that once belonged to your grandfather in Italy surrounded by 200 year old furniture – can you tell us more about that and how important those surroundings were for you in this album making process?

Hello. Well, I am a person who loves art in general, and my grandfather was a very passionate art collector. I think i have to thank him and my grandma because just coming here visiting i learned to love beauty and art. To find myself here with my new family now it’s like a kind of dreamy experience “weird and cool in the meantime”. Of course I felt a special energy while recording the album!

One of your tracks, People in Da House Jam, features a sample from Beat International’s track ‘Dub Be Good To Me’ – a classic and a sample that everyone must recognise. What was it about this track that made you want to sample it for your album?

I simply love that tune and i used it as it was in the 90’s at the times of Todd “the God” Terry or DJ Sneak. I wanted to make my little tribute to the old school New York house!

We’re hosting a free download of a track you produced ‘teschno’ – it is exactly that! We love it. How come this didn’t make the album?

Well to be honest I decided to add another extra tune just for fun. Also the title ‘Teschno’ is funny because Germans use to call teschno the today’s techno,vlet’s say slower and deeper…It’s funny to make tunes just for fun isn’t it? Anyway, that track hasn’t quite go the same feeling as the other tracks of the album…………But I will release that track on vinyl soon!

And finally, the question we ask everybody, if you were a techno kitten for a day what would you get up to?

Good question. I think I would love to sit in front of a sub woofer to get massaged from the bass and feel my body shiver!

Cheers Andrea.
As always, if you like what you hear then be sure to give Andrea some social media love on SOUNDCLOUD & FACEBOOK and you can buy Voodoo Grooves HERE.



weird cat tongue out

We be diggin’ dem new sounds and makin’ some serious ‘this track is sikk’ faces. Get yerself stuck into some of this lot. Have a browse, have a listen, find a new track to love.

1. Walker & Royce | Fur – furry textured bouncy fun
2. Jason Burns & Sarah Winters | Lightweight (Kiwi Remix) – the backwards vocals remind us of Twin Peaks
3. Lingk | Time Line – energetic minimal
4. ONNO | Techno Jam – hypnotic stuff
5. FragalaP | Drop – grimy and raw and of course there’s a mega drop
6. Ant Brooks | Tilt – big room techno with soul
7. Sebastian Russell | Absent Mindedness (Dapayk’s Remix) – stylishly builds an irresistible atmosphere
8. Woz x Chubba | HBK – stripped back super dope bass
9. Tensnake | Keep On Talking – disco fun will get you bopping
10. Aashton | Humans – deep and emotive
11. Nocturnal Sunshine – | Take Me There – loving some dub from MJCs experimental alias
12. KIIING | Life, Death and Recreation – moody and reflective
13. Tusks | Answers (Niven Remix) – sweet and ethereal and sprinkled with sparkles
14. Maths Time Joy | Cerulean – some sexual soul. creamy.


Ambassadeurs - My Way

‘My Way’ is the second track off AMBASSADEURS forthcoming ‘Can’t You See’ EP on his own label LOST TRIBE. It was premiered on Earmilk yesterday and has already racked up over 18k listens. It’s synthy summery loveliness from a producer whose sounds keeps getting better and better. We’re excited for his debut album which is out in the summer.

Ambassadeurs new EP ‘Can’t You See’ is out in April.