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Fans of Tech House are likely to be very familiar with Jay Lumen. His latest EP Dusty Memories, released on OFF Spin records, showcases his ability to produce music that gets people moving. The title track has a powerful bassline and catchy vocal sample that captivates you and will have you tapping away for hours after listening. The second track ‘Empty Ghetto Bastard’ is where things get darker with a jacking drum beat, scattered rap vocals and big synth stabs. An absolute treat.

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words | Ben Laurence




  1. NandCmusic says

    The first track caught our ears! Our favorite part is that vocal and the lyrics themselves. It’s a very straight forward “We remember when house was HOUSE” and a we-were-first hipster way. Makes the song more powerful than the groovy bassline and sweet sample in the back of the mix. It’s a clear look of how Jay feels about the current house scene. Love it.

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