holy notes kittencast

August’s kittencast is a summery mix of soulful bass and house from young producer Holy Notes who hails from Austria. He’s filled it with special cuts and personal favourites to keep you bouncing from the start. Get your bass face ready.

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01 Paul Jacobson – Keep On Livin’ (Old Skool Iz Cool V1)
02 Spike O’Connell – Feel It Coming (Hausick “More Bass” Remix)
03 Low Steppa – The Touch
04 Dene Antony – Trap’D
05 Little by Little – MC’s Difficulties
06 Yenk – Sant Ander
07 Legendary Boy – One More Time
08 L.O.O.P – Turf Superstar
09 KANT – Agenda
10 Solid Groove – This Is Sick
11 Matchy & Bott, Freiboitar – Reason
12 Lust N Love – Don’t Care (Mira & Christopher Schwarzwalder Remix)
13 Sage The Gemini – Gas Pedal (Motez Edit)
14 Wez Baldwin – Wans (Macsack Remix)
15 Tender Games – Want It All

holy notes



Seven glorious tracks that should give you that extra lift you need on a  Thursday. Enjoy!

  1. Dustin Nantais | Hawthorne –  deliciously deep with a catchy vocal hook
  2. Amtrac | Those Days - this track is packed with energy – Amtrac’s debut on Toolroom Records
  3. Tobias Dray | Lay Down - soft & soothing with delicate melodic elements
  4. T Wrecks (Tyler Rouse) | Nettles - hefty techno with dark tones and twisted vocals
  5.  K.A.T.A. | Iron Wolf - pounding, unrelenting techno – love the sound of this
  6. EJECA | Rick Flair - bouncy & bassy – taken from Ejeca’s forthcoming EP
  7. Fe•ki | Nothing Lasts Forever - chill wave vibes – perfect to wind down to


The Last Day

Coyu and Ramiro Lopez get their mitts on some classic Moby, giving ‘The Last Day’ a tech-house makeover. The warbling vocals and melodic elements are still present, intertwined with deep grooves and driving percussion. The pair sample the vocals to good effect delivering some nice full-on-euphoric builds. Hands in the air stuff.

the remix is part of a package out on Moby’s Little Idiot imprint which also features versions by Chymera, David Mayer and Moby himself | stream below | grab it here

read our interview with Ramiro Lopez


Ramiro Lopez

Hey Ramiro, as a member of the Suara family it’s great to have a fellow kitty on the blog!

My pleasure! Thanks for having me here. I feel like I’m home surrounded by kitties lovers.

We see you recently celebrated the big cat Coyu’s birthday at his club night in Ibiza…did you get him a present?

Yes! Actually, I’ve just arrived back from there. The party has been epic. Lot of family and friends all together, celebrating the Big Cat’s Birthday, first at the Boat Party and at Booom! Ibiza later. Superb celebration for a superb occasion. Regarding the present, I have to say it wasn’t anything material but we shared this unforgettable experience with him, some big hugs and kisses.

Your last release ‘Tuna Ice Cream EP’ (on Suara) delivered dancefloor bomb after bomb! Have you ever tried tuna ice cream?

Thanks a lot! So glad you like it. ‘Tuna Ice Cream’ EP is very important to me. It’s a 4-track solo EP where I did my very best on every single track. Coyu and I checked and double-checked them on the dancefloor until we were 100% sure about them. I’m satisfied with the results and feedback we have about the release.

As a good kittie, I love Tuna and there’s nothing better than an Ice Cream for the summer. No, I haven’t tried it but I’m working on the recipe. ☺

You’ve got a remix of Moby’s ‘The Last Day’ coming out soon with Coyu. It’s a beautiful track. What’s your favourite Moby track?

Our ‘The Last Day’ remix is out now and I’m very excited about it. It’s such and honour to have had this opportunity. I love Moby’s stuff. There are so many it’s hard to pick one but ‘Porcelain’, ‘Go’ or ‘Natural Blues’ all make me have goosebumps so bad.

What’s next release wise for you?

I have an EP along Arjun Vagale coming on Terminal M for the last part of the year. Also, some more stuff coming out on Suara, PLUS…some big surprises to come; I’ll let you know soon. A lot of good new music is coming!

How’s your summer going and what does the rest of it hold in store?

It’s been an awesome one. I’m enjoying it a lot. Playing almost every 2 weeks at Suara’s parties in Ibiza and also playing at some other cool events and festivals. I played in Croatia and Montenegro in July and was big fun. I very recently played at ‘Dreambeach Festival’ for the first time and had a wonderful experience. The rest of August and September are going to be even busier which I’m very excited about it.

Which tunes have been getting some dancefloor love in Ibiza this year?

I’m going to tell you three of them that I’m playing a lot of and always get a great response on the dancefloor:

  • Traumer – Hoodlum – Desolat
  • Coyu – Balls – Suara
  • Ramiro Lopez – Spirit – Suara

What will you be doing with any days off?

  • Listening to some Bossa Nova / Jazz music.
  • Hanging out with friends at my place and cook for them.
  • Watch a comedy movie or TV series and spend some time relaxing on the beach.

And the question we ask everyone…what would you do as a techno kitten for the day? (even though you already are one!)

The things I usually do: Have fun in the cat’s studio, play Meoow music for the kitties crowd, spend time and share experiences with my cat buddies. In conclusion, enjoying my nine lives. Meeow!

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FF 02

Brad Coleman is a jazz guitarist who has embraced electronic music. Hailing from the Netherlands his sound blends House and Techno and is defined by his love of harmonies and rhythms. He’s letting us give away his track ‘Move Forward’ as this week’s freebie. It features staccatoed synths and bubbling melodies making for a gentle blissful track.

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Its all about me

Green Velvet and Jay Lumen have teamed up to produce this heavy, hypnotic tech track. What I really like about it, is that along with the menacing vocals you get a dark killer bass line, which gives it a lot more edge. It’s becoming more common to see artists remixing their own tracks and although the original is a great track in itself, Jay Lumen’s remix is a real treat.

words | Ben Laurence



Heaps of tracks for your audio pleasure. Enjoy!

  1. No Artificial Colours | The Menace – deep, tech underground house vibes
  2. SP∆∆M | Pompom Gall - electronic synths fresh out of Paris. we love the vocals
  3. A.N.D.Y. | Whitney – a bouncy house tribute to the late Whitney Houston
  4. OBESØNG | Give Me All Your Love – atmospheric future garage with ghostly vocals and catchy 2-step beats 
  5. Son of Sun | Moonchild – there’s a warm Balearic vibe coming from this track, summer don’t leave us!
  6. Omni Trio | Renegade Snares (Jon Rundell Edit) – hefty techno with delicate piano samples
  7. Seb Wildblood | Hunney (Edmondson Remix) – soft beats and gentle melodic elements – bliss
  8. LO’99 | Can U – a hefty house banger
  9. Tee Circus | Just Me – another house banger with a fat bass melody


Krankbrother Carnival Afterparty

The last bank holiday of the year is nearly upon us and, ah, how to spend it. We’ve decided to hit up London’s infamous Notting Hill Carnival and spend the day bouncin’ our batties at the Rinse FM stage and munching jerk chicken. When the carnival fun ends we’ll be heading straight round the corner to the Krankbrother Carnival Afterparty which starts at 8pm and keeps going til 6am Monday. They’ve secured a stellar line-up to continue the fiesta. dOP and KiNK will be playing live, underground hero Gerd Janson will be delivering some melodic magic and of course Krankbrother will be playing too. Bring on the three day weekend and the good times!

Krankbrother Carnival Afterparty takes place at Royal Park Studios on Sunday 24th August | buy tickets here

if you’re coming to Carnival, Time Out has an excellent guide here

if you’re looking for something else to do read our Bank Holiday clubbing guide here

get a taste of the Krankbrother sound below…