kittencast - fabio lendrum

Our second Kittencast of the year comes from FABIO LENDRUM, the London bred half-Italian producer who’s putting out some quality house cuts. We’ve featured Fabio a few times on the blog so you may already be familiar with his sound; a blend of deep and tech house, and something that’s grabbed the attention of industry players such as Pete Tong, Tough Love, BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM. He’s also a one of the many talented alumni of the SUBBASS DJ ACADEMY, one of London’s leading electronic music schools.

Kittencast 02.15 is packing a party vibe with bouncy house that transitions over to a bass heavy and minimal sound.
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Rhythm Distrikt 09

Sometimes all you want is some straight up, fist-pumping, sweat inducing dancefloor techno. UK techno imprint Rhythm Distrikt has a regular compilation series showcasing their latest goods; fresh tracks from the best new talents on the underground scene. The sound is delectably dark and full of energy. There’s lots to get stuck into and each track is pretty big. I can’t get enough of Ron Costa ‘Owl Jolson’, Stefano Cosa ‘The Cave’ and Oscar L ‘Switch On The Love’. If you like your techno bangers, you’ll love this.

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Re you

MOBILEE is a label that continues to push the boundaries and the latest volume in their Back to Back compilation series does just that.  The 9th volume comprises two 30-minute sessions with 18 tracks from the Mobilee back catalogue deconstructed, rebuilt & mixed by label talent RE.YOU and there’s also a ‘Best Of’ mix, showcasing the imprint’s 2014 releases.  It certainly makes for excellent listening – especially if you are Mobilee fan girls like us.

Re.You has been touring Europe with some of the Mobilee crew to showcase the latest Back to Back release.  He’s finishing things up in London this Friday 28.03 @ The Egg, bringing along Ninetoes, Sebo K, And.Id, Igor Vicente, Miss Jools.

We caught up with Re.You to chat about the compilation and the current Back to Back European tour…

You’re going to be travelling over Europe in the next few weeks to promote the forthcoming mobilee Back to Back Vol 9 compilation you’ve curated.  We wish we could tag along as the line ups that are in store look pretty exciting, especially as support comes the Mobilee crew – Anja Schneider, Sebo K, Rodriguez Jr and Lee Van Dowski to name a few.  Have you played with all of these guys before?  Is there any city or club in particular that you’re extra excited to play?

Of course I play quite often alongside these guys. We’re doing at least one or two mobilee showcases every month with different artists. Sometimes we all play together which means a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to all the shows but of course the gig at Watergate Club will be special as it’s my hometown and all of my friends can join for this tour stop. For the last stop at the Egg I invited Ninetoes as special guest, so this one will be a highlight as well.

The tour ends in London at The Egg.  We’re pretty honoured that you’re closing things off on our home turf – it’s going to go off with a bang that’s for sure! Is London a city you enjoy playing?  How do you think it compares to the scene in Berlin or Paris?

London is really great. I like the creativity and the energy of this city. I booked my flight back to Berlin a day later to enjoy the city. So that’s how much I love it there. Normally I go straight home on Sundays after a long weekend. I love the vibes on Sunday in London, when all the daytime things are going on. But honestly Berlin is still the strongest of the above named in my opinion – however Paris and London are growing very quick – I just played in Paris and it was an amazing night at Showcase club. It’s good to see that the capitals are open to our music.

It’s fair to say you’re going to be travelling a fair bit over the next few weeks! What are your survival tricks when you’re on tour – do you have any rituals or a routine you like to follow when packing in so many gigs?  Any strange rider requests (or do any of the other mobilee crew have any??)?

I always try to sleep a bit before the gig to gain some energy. When you travel all day and almost have no sleep it’s good to have some hours in the hotel. But honestly I don’t have a real ritual… Not yet I guess :)

We’re big mobilee fans, so the compilation is music to our ears.  One half is a mobilee best of compilation and in the other half you’ve stripped down 18 tunes from the mobilee back catalog and turned them into two creative jams.  What was your thought process in selecting these tracks – were you looking for specific individual elements?  You must have had a few samples in mind before you even started sifting through the back catalogue?

We had a very special USB stick for mobilee’s 100th release with every single track on it, which helped me to make my selection. I roughly knew which tracks from which artist I wanted to use. I decided to ask every artist for one or two parts of their work. Then I started to create two 30 minutes tracks and integrate the different parts. It was difficult to get everything I wanted because some of it spanned back 10 years, and of course some people aren’t that well organised! But in the end I got 90 percent of what I asked for. I started with my own production – all the drumming – and then for example I added in the vocal, listened to it for hours over and over and finally formed it into a track – everything flowed.

We love music and we love cats.  Probably in equal measures.  Do you have any pets?  We reckon they’d have a great music taste ;)

I don’t have a pet! Actually we had a cat in our mobilee office where also my studio can be found. That cat actually bit every man who came there, so if you went to the bathroom or kitchen she was waiting for you and ready for an attack! In the meantime we found a new home at a family outside Berlin and she’s happy there.

And finally, the one question that everybody gets asked – if you were a techno kitten for the day what would you get up to?

I would do risky and epic jumps all day…

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cat hat - british summer time

This weekend the clocks go forward signalling the start of British summer time (even though it’s crappin’ freezing) and longer, lighter evenings. If that’s not cause for a whole heap of amazing parties then I don’t know what is! LONDON WAREHOUSE EVENTS is throwing four massive events this Saturday night (28 March). They’re so good, picking which one to go to is a tough choice, so we’ve put together this handy guide:

Cocoon London | Sven Vath, Markus Fix, Dorian Paic +more @ Building Six

What’s in store? Cocoon madness, a bit of Ibiza magic and Sven’s always impeccable party techno

Go to this party for…dancing with your sunglasses on


Hotflush | Scuba, Function, Dense & Pika, Jack Haighton @ The Steelyard

What’s in store? Label honcho Scuba will be launching his new album at this new venue in the city

Go to this party for…new sounds and some bloody excellent techno


Mixed | XXXY, Trus’me, Pional @ Village Underground

What’s in store? a hybrid of sounds from garage and bass to house and techno

Go to this party for…a night of eclectic music


mobilee | Re.You, Ninetoes, Adam Shelton, Sebo K, And.Id (live), Igor Vicente, Miss Jools + more @ The Egg Club

What’s in store? Choice house and techno from the crew at one of our favourite labels

Go to this party for…good vibes and adventures in the jungle that is The Egg


bitish summer time


Tom Demac - Smoke Stained Ivories

The latest release on AUS comes from label favourite TOM DEMAC. The 4-track EP kicks things off with ‘Smoked Stained Ivories’, a cheerful melodic track with a wistful intro that cracks into lots of texture, uplifting tinkles and a great hook. There are some nice chunky sections which will make it work well on the dancefloor and searing synths to build drama. A really distinct track that I think will fit nicely into the AUS ‘best of’ catalogue.

The rest of the EP isn’t short of personality either, ‘Guilty Measures’ is packed with sporadic horns, hi-hats and strained melodies. It’s pretty saucy and creates a tense, dark atmosphere. Loads of dancefloor oomph and charisma. ‘RIP Vogel’ is tough and hypnotic and ‘Beckett’s Racket’ is a nicely composed orchestral kinda track with big sounds and heaps of percussion.

A really creative EP that shows off Demac’s unique production skills.

Sweet Stained Ivories was out on Monday | digital | vinyl


Trulyors EP

Wolf Story is the four track EP from rising electronic producer TRULYORS released on the RHOMBUS imprint. Truylors delivers some simply stunning and emotional tracks.

I was in love with the EP on first listen thanks to opening track ‘Soldier’ – the driving beat and hollow melody combined with ethereal notes make this track glow. ‘Wolf Story’ packs more of a punch than the opener and has a slightly darker and minimal feel to it. Following this is ‘Rattlesnake’ with a melancholic melody and synth bass line which was recently premiered by B. Traits on BBC Radio 1. Closing things off is my favourite track from the EP ‘Coutesan’ – a fantastic serving of emotional electronica that’s packed with euphoric chords and warm electronic sounds. A stunning EP that has marked Trulyors as a producer we are excited to hear more from.

Wolf Story is out now | buy it here



LEAF | 06.03.2015

Last Friday we headed down to the day one of the London Electronic Arts Festival (LEAF); conversations. Held in the stunning Tobacco Dock the warehouse’s upper floor was the perfect setting for the event with the airy rooms set up for various talks and demos. When we arrived Nile Rodgers had the largest of the rooms completely packed out for a full three hours, it was so packed we couldn’t get in (our fault for being late) so we wandered about getting our bearings and checking out the Native Instruments room set up with hardware and software for anyone to try out.

The first talk we caught was The Ambient Revival; a discussion on ambient and it’s place in the current electronic landscape. The panel discussed the call for the return of the chill out room (a campaign fronted by Mixmag), we’ve got to say they could be on to something there – yes, London clubs have chill out areas but we need some tunes in there too to complete the vibe.

We caught some of Busy P discussing his time managing Daft Punk then headed over to see B.Traits State of Mind talk. We developed a crush on the very cool Professor Fiona Meacham who is pioneering drug testing in UK clubs. The discussion focussed around how to make clubbing safer for all parties involved and we were really impressed with promoter Simon Denby’s (Percolate) attitude to the issue and the steps he’s taking at his nights, such as by providing on site medical vans. It’s a highly interesting and sensitive topic that could be discussed for hours and the Q&A section certainly threw up some interesting characters. It was great to see promoters, artists and researchers coming together to pioneer practical solutions.

Our last call of the day was at Dusky’s production demo where they stepped into Logic Pro to show us some of the elements behind their killer tune ‘Inta’. Here we were given an insight into how the percussion, bass, strings and piano sections were composed and the various add-ins and filters were applied to give it that distinctive Dusky sound. The duo charmed the crowd and answered questions from budding producers who were keen to learn more, sharing tips on mastering and the use of plug-ins. Even if you weren’t a producer and had no idea what they were talking about half the time, it was a rare chance to get up close and personal with the Dusky boys and gain an insight into their dynamic and sound.

This was an excellent event; meticulously organised, cool crowd, good vibes. Brought together by our love of and interest in underground electronic music, we explored, listened and learnt in great company. If you love the scene you will love this event.


LEAF CLUB | 07.03.2015

Our pals went to LEAF’s day party, LEAF CLUB the following day and had good things to report back.

“As always the venue was great. LWE have got the organisation at Tobacco Dock down to a T, from entry and lockers (no need to queue for cloakroom!) to capacity and flow. The event was busy but not too crowded, especially the main room which had lots of space to dance and we really can’t emphasise enough how important this is for a good party! Highlights had to be Pan-Pot who delivered their usual energetic and bouncy style, Chris Leibing, who, despite the previous warm up sets, played dark and hard in true CLR style, and Modeselektor…blowing the amps several times but still keeping the crowd wanting more! Our one criticism? Please stock your bars more guys! Other than that, we can’t wait for the next party here!”

Track of the night below…


cookie jar

This cheeky track will have you strutting about singing about cookie jars. It’s from Steve Bug’s playful Traffic Signs moniker, back after a 10 year hiatus. Vocals and attitude come courtesy of Berlin legend Jake The Rapper. Joyce Muniz’s remixes strip down the vocals for a darker dancefloor ready take. A fun, slightly retro sounding track with lots of personality. Could lend itself well to all sorts of remixes we thinks.

out now – buy it here


gang of cats

This weeks’ diggin’ is for the house heads, whether melodic, deep or UK be your thang, we have a thang going on for you. Hit play and nod your head away.

1. Jonas Rathsman | Wolfsbane – a big beast of a melody and great intensity for the dancefloor
2. IYES | Crazy In Love (Ben Pearce Remix) – Ben Pearce gives Bey a deep and dirty workout
3. IF/ELSE | Amli – floaty synths and some catchy glockenspiel action
4. Suffix | Come With Us – twisted vocals and sweet sounds
5. Carlotek | Visceral – bouncy house with a pretty melody that will have you jammin’
6. Kid Crème & Jolyon Petch | Look For Me – a big fun slap of poppy UK house
7. Anthony Kalabretta | Roll Into The Ocean – bubbly frothy sounds with nice vocals
8. Cotton Claw | GRAINY – sctratchy sounds twisted and turned to rather lovely effect
9. Jonas Woehl | Stockholm – a big moody melodic number
10. Kölsch | Cassiopeia (Villette Remixxx) – totally delish remix of a totally delish track
11. Roman Kov | On One – something dreamy and lush to finish up with


Primal - Boundaries EP

JUST THIS is a new record label from the crew at Milan based label HUNTER/GAME. An extension of their scene-shaping loft parties Just This will focus on music that pushes boundaries and encompasses art and sound.

The premier release comes from icelandic producer PRIMAL. ‘Boundaries’ features a unique mesmerising melody which warps melancholically over a shuffling bassline, dripping in drama and atmosphere. CHRISTIAN LöFFLER’S remix of the track is airy, twinkly and uplifting.

Primal’s second original track on the EP ‘Hurricane’ is experimental, full of instrumental sounds and synths. The remix from LULU ROUGE is moodier with a focus on building melodies.

An interesting EP from an interesting new label. It has to be about ‘Boundaries (original mix)’ for us, it’s got a really strong sound and we keep going back for more.

out now – buy here