The Italian DJ/production duo of Flashmob have made a name for themselves as producers of top notch house music with some quality releases on labels such as DefectedGet Physical and Isgud Records. Now the’ve set up their own label, aptly named ‘Flashmob Records’, with the first release being their ‘Who/Do you do’ EP. We had a chat with the boys about the label and their recent release…

Hey Flashmob! You’ve just launched your own label Flashmob Records, is that something you’ve had in the pipeline for a while? How’s it been since the launch?

Yes Sir, we’ve been working on it with our managers for 6 months and then the launch. Feeling really great about it and we couldn’t of hoped for a better start. We’ve had a great premiere on Thump (Vice) and Mixmag and also big support from Pete Tong on his USA show and a great article on “The Sun” that doesn’t happen every day. Also really happy to see people like Maya Jane Coles, Heidi and Shiva on Radio 1 support the track. Just seen Tiga has charted the track on Beatport as we speak.

The first release from the label is your latest EP ‘Who/Do You Do’. There’s a real acid house feel about the release – is that a sound we can expect from the label?

Not necessarily. Flashmob likes acid. We like 909 Hi-Hats and we like some madness.

The vocals of ‘Who’ come from Kevin Knapp and make us laugh – who wrote those? “Carl Cox or whatever” – has the big man had anything to say about them? He must love it!

Kevin is a genius … he wrote and sung those vocals in one take hitting the bull’s eye, it was exactly what we were looking for. He’s one too keep an eye on, his djing and great production on top of the singing prove that. Mr. Carl Cox has telephoned me yet, no haha.

You’re busy touring at the minute too, where can we catch you the rest of the summer?

Croatia with Defected, Ibiza at Sankeys with Duke Dumont and then we are taking a brief holiday … we’re pretty much exhausted.

My favourite Flashmob track is ‘Need In Me’, it’s a real jackin’ house track with fierce vocals and sums up your sound quite well I think – what artists would you say have influenced you over the years?

We prefer not to list, there are so many. But certainly we have been greatly influenced by the way old school guys promote and treated their music… that for us is a key aspect; in fact we are gonna hit Ibiza in two weeks and go to DC10 to give out our vinyls to our fav djs as we did with “Brick House” right at the beginning and as it was done in the ’90.

What track has been a permanent feature of your record box this summer?

Mark Henning ‘Exit Acid’.

‘Who/Do You Do’ EP by Flashmob is out now on Flashmob Records | buy it here

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 Another bumper collection of tracks we’re diggin’ straight form our e-mail inbox to you.
Like our bass face above ^^ ?

  1. Ren Riz | Every Time – This one gets deep and classic with some wonderfully warm synth cords
  2. Wolves | Fountain – Trappy beat with a future vibe that builds progressively – lovely stuff
  3. RÜFÜS | Sundream (TÂCHES Remix) - Deep tropical sounds from this release
  4. Syv | Holding Back - Fat bassy house combined with delicate chords and piano make this track stand out. Free DL too!
  5. Davide Squillace & Philip Bader | 14.000 Km Away - get your techno fix here. Dark, moody & industrial. Nice.
  6. Scott Kemp | Mullen – Minimal, glitchy goodness
  7. cln | Better Than - A wonderful piece of down-tempo electronica. Simply amazing from an 18 year old producer. Free DL
  8. Kyoto | Tell Me Something - A hefty track from a brand new producer making future beats – nice




Tender Games are the Berlin based production duo of  BBC Radio 1 Future Star Marlon Hoffstadt & HRRSN (Ulrich, boss of Well Done!).  The duo are making soft, sweet house music combined with delicate vocals and are signed to Suol music having released two EP’s and a debut album on the imprint.  Their unique sound which brings together elements of house, garage, blues and folk is turning heads and unsurpiringly they’ve  grabbed the attention of the BBC’s Annie Mac and Nemone who have both championed their gorgeous sound.  We were lucky enough to catch up with the boys and ask them a few questions…

Hello Tender Games. We’re very much enjoying your debut LP, what made you think ‘yeah let’s hook up and make some music together’?

We met each other on a ski trip in the alps, crashed into each other and had a beer afterwards. We noticed that we both are musicians and that we live in the same city, so we met each other and started producing music together.

Has the creative process been a smooth one?

Ulrich: Fortunately yes. As we had plenty of sketches, the hardest part in the end was to narrow down and work on the songs we were feeling the most towards the end. Then when we ́re in the studio together we are really focused and if not, we just go for a round of table tennis!

So what else can we expect from you? Is there going to be a ‘Tender Games sound’ or will you keep us guessing?

Marlon: Well, maybe if we have a bigger discography, there will be something. But with ‘only’ 14 songs out we will have to wait and see. Because we really want to do whatever we like. However, it ́ll always be somewhat ‘soulful’ and melodic.

Have you got any London dates coming up?

Marlon: As of now unfortunately not. But as Ulrich has family there and quite a few ppl ask us already (which is quite awesome considering how small we are) we sure hope so! Aside from Berlin, London has influenced our sound the most.

Do either of you have any annoying habits that wind the other up in the studio/on tour?

Ulrich: I have my ’5 Minutes’ on a regular basis and that gets out of hand quite quick because I let my inner child scream and do whatever.. But I cherish that habit! :D

Marlon: I’m a little bit impatient, and Ulrich needs to slow me down from time to time.

Which artists are currently inspiring you?

Ulrich: Dev Hynes is a huge inspiration at the moment. I always listen to Danny Brown, although you may think that as a rapper he does not influence my sound that much. But as far as honesty in song writing goes you can learn a lot from him. And lately I have been listening do Bipolar Sunshine a LOT.

Marlon: I’m pretty much influenced by many cool house acts, but im also taking my creativity and ideas from soul music like Charles bradley, Etta James & Al Green.

Any tips off for big track of the summer?

Ulrich: hm…tbh not really, there a too many songs that seem to be produced with only the ‘hit factor’ in mind and there is always the danger of a catchy ‘pop/rock’ track being made into an edit that ́ll go through the roof so I really don ́t know.

And finally, what would you do as techno kittens for the day?

Marlon: I know (I am sure) you ́re not really cats, but if I could do what a kitten can, I’d lick my own balls for the day.

Tender Games debut album is out now on Suol Records | info here

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sankeys 20th anniversarry

Sankeys Music is a brand new label set up by the seminal Manchester club and headed by Darius Syrossian. What better way to kick it off than with a banging double CD mix that celebrates Sankeys 20 years at the top of the underground clubbing scene. Disc 1 was recorded live in Manchester (crowd noises included) and is rammed with exclusive and unreleased productions, most of which are from Mr Syrossian. True to his style the tunes are big and bouncy and full of a special energy. Syrossian’s remix of ‘Bigger Than Prince’ is the perfect opener to this full-on party mix. We adore his twisted remix of Todd Terry ‘Bounce to the Beat’, pure funk crowd-please ‘Rise’ and the deep and shexy ‘Jazztime’. So many good tunes on this one and the crowd noises make you feel like you’re sweating it out in Sankeys itself.

Disc 2 pays tribute to the records that made the club what it is today. Loco Dice, Green Velvet, Kerri Chandler and Gemini all feature. The mix starts off with a rave vibe to get the party started. We love wonk-fest ‘Swimmin Wit Sharks’ from Gemini and the minimal-tech sounds of Argy ‘Love Dose (Luciano remix)’. It’s a superb selection full of lots of treats.

A massive release that showcases what the well-loved club is all about. We love Sankeys!

Out now on Sankeys music – buy it here


aashton and agnes

Pet Sounds is back! Aashton shares about the amazing Agnes – she sounds so cool!…

“Agnes is a 5 month old French Bulldog puppy, but I don’t really think of her as a dog. I don’t think I’d ever really describe myself as a ‘dog-person’ – I’m not one of those outdoors-y types that owns wellies or anything – but I have always been into the idea of having a cute little pet to chill with. As a kid I was really into those alien-as-pet themed sci-fi movies. Gizmo from Gremlins is probably my favourite but E.T. was also a pretty awesome pet and I even thought the Puckmarin from Flight of the Navigator was cute as hell too.

So yeah, maybe its just a hangover from childhood but I kind of think of Agnes as this cool little non-human companion that I hang out with and a french bulldog is probably as close to Gizmo as you’re gonna get in the real world.

Frenchies are also good studio dogs – as long as you take them out for a couple of hours exercise each day, she’ll pretty much just spend the rest of the time lying around. She seems to love music, at any volume – she can sleep through a blizzard of techno, which I find really impressive. The only music that really riles her, for some reason, is Trey Songz. Its not even an R’n’B thing either, its just Trey Songz; the guy starts singing and she just loses her shit – barks like the worlds ending until you turn him off. It’s one of her many quirks – she cracks me up.”

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Aashton’s creamy deep house track ‘I Can’t Shake It’ (which we featured a few weeks back) is out today on Splattered Coloured Vinyl! We’ve got massive love for this one - buy it here

you can also grab a FREE Aashton download here

agnes 02
agnes 03


extrawelt poster

On Saturday 30th August Electric Brixton is to host a very special live act – Extrawelt.   The world famous act is coming South London and bringing with them Krankbrother and are supported by a whole host of talented acts including forward thinking techno night Warm Up taking over room 2.

This is going to be one special summer closing party with room 1 support coming from The Mistaa, Petru, Timy & Beringei and room 2 featuring Aidan Doherty (listen to his Kittencast for us here), Candi Bianca, Desmond (our TTK DJ), Jorge Martins, Beck n Bird, Wesley Pitter b2b Rik Charles.

On its own the live performance of Cocoon legends Extrawelt is enough to make this night worth a visit, but with talent oozing from all the support acts and Warm Up hosting its very own room, it’s going to be one hell of a night to remember.

facebook event | tickets | warm up on facebook 

TRACKS WE’RE DIGGIN’ 2DAY | 24.07.2014


  1. Billy Kenny | Call You Back – raw, bassy, grimey house beats
  1. Transcoded | Got Me Down (Original Mix) – a track that could be straight from the 90s garage era
  1. Fat Sushi – Love Me Forever (Original Mix) – glorious vocals and serious bass
  1. Full Intention | Let Me Be (Feat Robert Owens) – sensual badass sounds that erupt into lovely piano chords
  1. Enzo Siragusa & Alexkid | Kilimanjaro2 (Fuse014) – house and jungle combine to take you to the rave
  1. Alex Clare | Too Close (Robert Lux Remix) – take it to the dancefloor with this electro remix
  1. Jesse Rose | Fly Tonight – an ode to French house, big retro sounds
  1. SP∆∆M | PomPom Gali  - building beats, spooky sound effects and creepy vocals (full EP)
  1. Cassie | Me & U ( KRONO Edit ) – a sweet disco remix – get grinding
  1. Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix, DVBBS ft. Aleesia – Gold Skies (Tidlwav Remix) – softly sublime
  1. Abu Ashley | Nado Heights – lovely middle-eastern sounds from a hawt new talent