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Off his release from AUS Records, Britain’s Gerry Read returns to his home Fourth Wave with a new 12”, ‘Socialize’ and ‘Charcoal.’ The record is a more cohesive affair than his prior releases, while still holding the dusty and sporadic appeal of earlier tracks.

The first cut ‘Charcoal’ is a driving drum-track, with stark atmospheres dancing around offset hi-hats. The synth work holds no melodic content, with the exception of a couple pads and a morphing vocal sample. The track is modular in its execution. Read mechanically swirls his smorgasbord of elements in a stew of modulation.

‘Socialize’ the B-Side track complements the textures of the first track nicely. It holds a more straightforward future-classic vibe with a chunky 303-bassline and simplified rhythm progression. The track dives into a deep chord bath drenched in hollow reverb.

Though Read didn’t re-invent the wheel with this release, the track construction and imaginative textures made for an enjoyable listen. The record would also make for a great addition to any dj’s tool box.

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sankeys london

Having lived in Manchester for three years and now residing down South, the introduction of a Sankeys to London is something I have dreamt about.  Well the Sankeys London opening party took place on Saturday and I was there to see how Sankeys would take on the London club scene…

Tickets sold out in no time with Sankeys even releasing more and extending the party time making this a hefty 4pm – 7am shift at new London venue Studio 338.  The main room, a large open space covered by a glass rooftop, provided the perfect atmosphere for some day time dancing. The room extended back to offer an additional dance floor and plenty of room for everyone to get down and dirty.  The decor had more of an Ibiza vibe than that of the previously renowned Manchester club with inflatables, umbrellas and palm trees all making an appearance.

Now usually on a night you come away with a favourite set. Not this one – they were all awesome! Sidney Charles really raised the roof; hair in full swing and waving his arms almost as if he were orchestrating the crowd.  The Sankeys regular Jozef K followed on with another inspiring set before the Israeli and Be As One man Shlomi Aber took to the stage. His two hour set saw the dance floor fill with deep, slightly more minimal sounds.  Shlomi’s remix of Erykah Badu’s On and On was an unexpected delight. He seemed to enjoy his set playing to the crowd, even offering me a vinyl as he finished, only to snatch it back laughing in my face…

Just Be/Bushwacka of duo Layo and Bushwaka continued the party deep into the night with yet another memorable set. He was followed by Sankeys regular big boy DJ Sneak.   As the sun began to rise word to started to spread about the final unannounced performance of the evening. As many had hoped and anticipated, the Sankeys Warrior, Darius Syrossian popped in from Circus, London where he had previously been playing. Even Darius commented on how full the club had remained for the night.  You really felt like Sankeys London was in Ibiza not in the UK!

Although the main room had the better atmosphere and better sound system, Room 2 still brought a wicked vibe to the night and was just as good for those looking for a less busy space. With it being the thru-route to the two open terrace smoking areas, everyone there passed through at some point.

With little queueing, a brilliant crowd and top notch production of the night, Sankeys did themselves proud.  I’m sure many people were initialy skeptical of the Greenwich location, however for those who know Sankeys well enough, they never disappoint.  Hats off to all involved and I am very excited for their next monthly residency at one of the best London venues I have been to.

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feel my bicep

Belfast tastemakers, Bicep, are back at in again with another entry into their love affair with pastiche house music. The boys released a preview for their new album out on their own label, Feel My Bicep. The album is a nod to everything that their blog curates, as well as deep cuts from years past. There is not much information on the EP with the exception of the preview video. The VHS inspired trailer is a nostalgic interpretation of 80s b-side films placed over the EP’s tracks.  From the video it looks as if there will be three original tracks on the album: Satisfy, The Final Trip, and Snackbar.

Take a gander at the video below. The 12″ is available for pre-order on Juno and Phonica. Get it while it’s hot, I have a feeling this album will sell out soon after the release date.

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House music young gun Urulu’s imprint, Amadeus Records, is back with another release. This time it’s a double-sided 12″ from label residents, Chaos in the CBD. The record features two distinctly rich cuts that announce a change in direction and maturity in the duo’s taste in dance music since their immigration to the house mecca of London.

The title track ‘816 to Nunhead’ is reminiscent of old French House edits. The understated disco sample sets a nice constant pace as the sparse drum machine hits glide the track across a smooth six minutes. The Stevie Wonder quote from the classic Soul Train interview adds an elegant touch to the overall vibe of the tune, and doesn’t feel forced or shoved in there. The arrangement and elements are sonically well spaced, and cue in just at the right moments. The track is well suited for rooftop sessions at max volume.

’78 to Stanley Bay’ holds some heavy jazz qualities to it. The sound scape feels like something I would have on my headphones to keep me warm in the bitter San Francisco fog waiting for the train while holding a warm cup of black coffee and smoking cigarettes. The boys hit the sexy soulful vibe right between the nose.

Pick up your copy of the 12″ release on Juno. The digital release of the album is set for later this month. Look for more to come from the Amadeus, and Chaos in the CBD camp in 2014.

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I found a little tasty piece of deep house this weekend from the the depths of the London Underground. It comes from the London younguns Silk 86. The EP is a solid sophomore release after their debut ‘Clear Waters’ EP on Manucci’s Mistress earlier this year. This album also marks the debut release for Sneaky Music, the brainchild of Love Fever Party creator Andy Bird and Pablo Ranacat.

The album kicks off with a well balanced pad infused groove ‘Felicity'; the groove sets straight most of the time, with a rubbery bassline. The groove train continues on with ‘The Exchange’ a sub-bass driven track that sets a well balanced palate of energy and sass; the hi-hats really get me on this track. The track is reminiscent of an Urulu tune. ‘Nightdrive the final creation of the bundle is what got me on the release. The track has so much space in the drums ccreating a good jackin’ vibe. Short attacked funky synths, good short vocal chops and dubbed out builds, set this tune apart from the prior two jams.

The cut is available for vinyl only consumption and abuse October 28th. Definitely going to pick this up for myself!

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As an American vinyl junkie, I have the fantasy of one day walking into Phonica Records to go on a field day where I drop hundreds of pounds on wax that I could never find over here in the states. Their curation is so good that they’ve decided to start pressing their own albums. Their next release comes from an American from the remote upper peninsula of Michigan, North Lake. The Moonwalker EP combines diy analog synth nostalgia with club friendly grooves. Simply put, it does it for me. The synths are chunky, dusty, and evoke a future-classic feel. The album has it’s own identity, and isn’t too egotistical.

The lead track, Marlborol Noir, sounds like if Boards of Canada made a techno album. The bassline is reminiscent of the patch from ROYGBIV. The structure of the tune is dreamy and relaxed.  The most club accessible tracks come are on the b-side of the cut. The 909 drum grooves in Suomi Kutsuu are tasteful, and don’t overpower the synth’s daydreamy dialogue. Moonwalker is the dark chapter in the lot, and carries the most energy.

I look forward to hearing more from North Lake. In an era of Techno and House where the most niche sounds become quickly recycled, he has the ability to give a fresh perspective on what can be done in the structure, while still staying true to the long traditions of Detroit futurism.

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Steve Lawler and his Warriors crew took to the far more spacious venue of Electric Brixton with their london visit this time round. Those of you who attended the previous London session at Vauxhalls Fire will understand what I mean when I refer to the space, or lack of.

Steve Lawler absolutely smashed it and had the dance floor pumping for what was a wicked 4 hour set. The stage was just as lovely as the dance floor with the Warriors taking over. Head bands could be seen through the smoke and flashing lights amid bass and vocals. Ninetoes’ ‘Finder’ (one of my favourite songs at this moment in time) went down a treat and everyone present went a bit mental when Steve threw it out there.

Phil Bader came on stage about 4am and if I’m honest blew my mind with a dirty minimal approach. With a slightly different sound to Mr Lawlers, Phil took the night onto a whole new level. Every thump, flash, snare and general ‘umph’ shot across the dance floor sending electric waves through the bodies of those on it.

Darius Syrossian made an appearance for the final hour and a half and continued (as expected) the sikk vibes that had filled the air prior to his arrival from up North where he had been earlier that night.

A good crowd filled one of the best venues for a solid 8 hours. Queues were slow going to start, but once all under control the evening was soon in full swing. If you see a DJ that you like is playing at Electric Brixton, I highly recommend you get a ticket before it’s too late. With two tiers up top, this simple yet effective layout provides space to bounce around and cut some shapes whether it be on the dance floor or on one of two balconies. With winter setting in this venue looks sure to bring many more big Tech House nights to the capital.

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full body workout

Vol.11 of the Get Physical ‘Full Body Workout’ series comes from Swedish house biggie Tiger Stripes. There are 10 original tracks from the Get Physical extended family all with a bit of that cool sexy Get Physical sound. There’s a real mix of tracks on here from the dark and twisted to disco flavoured floor fillers to bouncy UK garage. It features some nice artist hook ups with a lot of ‘vs’ going on, kicking off with label owners M.A.N.D.Y. and their mate Julian Ganzer with ‘Japan’ a track which also features on ‘M.A.N.D.Y. Presents Get Physical On Ibiza’. In another great pairing Audiofly vs. Big Bully ‘I’ll Telll Ya (Coat Of Arms Remix)’ is deep, moody and atmospheric with a catchy bass line. Quite a few of the tracks are dark, twisted and warped and perfect for sweaty club corners like Julia Govor & Thierry Tomas ‘Nobody’ (creepy laughter and vocal samples), Ahmet Sisman & Nico Lahs ‘Whatever You Want’ (sexed up gyrating) and Balcazar & Sordo ‘Sacrifice’ (dangerous). Tigerskin & The Lazarusman score a dancefloor winner with ‘What is Real?’ a jumpin’ track with a big squelchy warping bass line and hip-hop and electro influences. JOHNWAYNES ‘Worth It’ features intergalactic warbling over a nice groove and really kicks in the middle to take you on a twinkly star filled space ride. Mark Deutsche & Musoé feat. Nick Maurer ‘Give Yourself’ takes a romantic turn with 80’s synthed-up vocals and an epic ballad feel where as penultimate track from Someone Else ‘Mr. Dance feat. Adeline’ turns on the funk for a disco inspired twirler. The best is saved for last though, UK boy James Silk ‘Please U’ has got a big helping of that UK garage sound we love and a big baddass booty shakin’ bassline, diiiirty.

So as you can see a bit of everything and lots of mighty fine production from a class label. It certainly has the potential to get you pretty sweaty and it’s pretty damn summery too. A good party mix!

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plan be

You may remember Ibiza venue Plan Be launched last season but was sadly shut down after its opening party. Well now it’s back and opening its doors for the entire season after the licensing issues from last year are sorted!

Plan B is an exciting addition to the island and somewhere we were hoping to visit last year as they promised to make it about the people and the music once again and not about commercialising the scene! We’re told that over the last 12 months as well as working with the authorities they’ve been working with architects and specialist sound engineers so their weekly events will be going off without a hitch.

From Friday 12th July, Plan B will open its doors weekly with the events running from 6pm until midnight and will feature some quality resident DJs as well as some very special unannounced guests – their opening party last year featured Russ Yallop, Wildkats, Infinity Ink and Alexis Raphael. Kicking off this Friday they have Bushwacka and a special secret guest from Hot Creations.

We’re excited to see what Plan Be brings to Ibiza this season – it’s gonna be huge. Viva Plan Be!!
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run of sevens

We featured Ben Hoo’s excellent album ‘Collected’ on TTK a few weeks back (read our review here). One track from the album ‘Run of Sevens’ has now been given the remix treatment by four of Hoo’s friends, producing some nice results. Our favourite of the four comes from Vaal (below), a stripped back glitchy minimal version with playful percussion and a sultry jazz vibe. There’s nearly 8 minutes of epic build up and atmospheric piano here which we’d love to hear out at a festival this summer. We’re also enjoying the Stefan Cordery remix, a deeper, darker club ready version.

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