TK meets MK

Deep and sexy would probably best describe the sound of Switzerland’s Matt Kay who caught our attention with his latest mix, In The End, below. He’s uploaded a very nice selection of mixes to his soundcloud and they’re downloadable via his podcast. We’ve really enjoyed listening to him, so have decided to introduce him to you. He kindly answered some questions we had for him…

How would you describe your sound? Difficult to describe in one sentence. I started playing years ago with a very housey, commercial sound. I then had a long techno period, playing very dark, massive sounds. Getting older and discovering more music, I really fell in love with deeper tech house sounds, something more sexy but always with a good groove. I love to play music that you can enjoy on the dance floor or something you can listen at home having sex. Like the lyrics of one of my favorite tracks, it must be something special, sexy wonderful. Love is on the dancefloor, isn’t it?

What’s your favourite track at the moment? There are a lot of tracks I’m totally in love with right now! What Maceo Plex is producing is just amazing, I love all of his latest releases, especially ‘Under The Sheets’. ‘Let Love Decide’ by Roland Clark (Art Department remix) is also great. I’m also enjoying ‘Something Special’ by Miguel Campbell and the Joris Voorn remix of Lana Del Ray ‘Video Games’. I also love playing Jan Blomqvist ‘I don’t think about you’, this track is a real bomb! And one more Amirali ‘Beautiful World’. There are a lot of tracks I love!

Have you considered producing as well as DJing? Well, that’s one of the question I keep asking myself every year (and that people are asking me a lot too)! I always answer, ‘Yes, this year I will put all my energy on producing my own music!’, but I don’t know… I cannot find the right energy to start doing that yet. I know it’s a good way to show to the people my personal touch but there is always something going wrong between the production and myself. Perhaps next year, who knows?

Finally, if you were a kitten for a day what would you do? I would love to be a kitten. They have a fantastic life, no? Everyone says you’re so cute and wants to stroke you. If I could be a kitten for a day, I would listen to my music on a sofa and ask for hugs all day long. What a beautiful life!

Check out Matt’s gigatools profile to see where he’s playing next.