hook and jacob - solid state

There’s a brand new label on the scene that’s caught our attention with a killer debut release; MOVEMENT is an imprint that been formed from the North of England by producers HOOK & Jacob who are releasing their Solid State EP to mark the start of their new project.

The three track EP kicks off with a deep and melodic club ready anthem in the form of ‘Solid State’ followed by ‘Neon Sun’ which is packed with bouncy synths and a heavy bass that come together to deliver one hell of an energetic and euphoric build. Closing things off nicely is ‘Domain’ – a softer and intricately composed cut with delicate melodic pads.

A solid start to their new label – we’ll look forward to more. Solid State EP is out on Movement 12/10.

Movement are on facebook / twitter / soundcloud


kittencast 05.15

London based DJ & producer KatrinKa has a talent for producing wonderfully deep & emotive music which has found the support of big name artists such as Nichole Moubader, DJ T, Guy J and B. Traits.  She is signed to Chapter 24 Records with previous releases on labels Steyoyoke and Spirit Soul Records and is also a regular on the line up at Chaper 24’s London based Gather Round parties (the next of which is 12th September – details here).

We’re excited to share this Kittencast with you and Katrinka’s sound fits with our recent run of deep and melodic techno mixes.  Enjoy.

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Katrinka on soundcloud / facebook / Chapter 24

=^..^= tracklisting =^..^=
Sam Pauli & Reiver – Aspice {KatrinKa Edition} [Chapter 24 Records]
QUARTZ – Crystals {Melokolektiv Edition} [Chapter 24 Records]
Martin Vidal – Lost [Constant Circles]
Nick Devon – Don’t Be Afraid feat. Benji (Animal Picnic Remix) [Steyoyoke Black]
Danny Oliveira – Stargazer {David Alexander Edition} [Chapter 24 Records]
Andy Bros – Vento (Original Mix) [Diynamic]
Rico From Paris, Steve Sanx – Danse Space (Original Mix) [Bimini Records]
Climbers – French Connection (Original Mix) (audio tonic Records)
Edit Revenge – Vicious Love (Original Mix) [Noir Music]
Audiofly – Chiaroscuro (Original Mix) [Supernature]


Chapter24 ED001

ED001 marks the start of what we hope will be a growing series of compilations from melodic house and techno label CHAPTER 24.  Their First Editions LP was released yesterday, a special remix compilation that features six edits of some of the labels first and finest releases.

Kicking things off is the Melokolektiv (Crosstown Rebels, OFF) remix of Quartz’s ‘Crystals’ – a driving, melodic track with emotive builds and plenty of dance floor energy.  The euphoric, uplifting sounds of the Sam Pauli & Paul Nolan edition of Danny Oliveira’s Stargazer is next up –our fave track from the compilation.  Marten Sundberg’s edit of ‘The Owl’ is raw with dark synths and tense layers whereas things get deep in Framewerk’s edit of KatrinKa’s ‘Echo Gnomic’.   The penultimate closing track, Darien J’s rework of ‘Start Over’ is a brilliantly energetic and feel good track with one hell of a catchy melody.  Finally, the compilation closes of with another edit of ‘Echo Gnomic’, this time by Berlin based AFFECT!, a slow, unwinding piece with a dreamy, ethereal feel to it – a perfect closing track.

We’re in love with this compilation and we’re in love with Chapter 24.  They’re building a brand around a sound that’s gathering some serious momentum in the underground scene.  Be sure to follow them on SOUNDCLOUD for their latest releases and melodic goodness.

You can buy ED001 – First Editions on BEATPORT and the guys are also throwing their next Gather Round party on Saturday 12th September at Blackall Studios which will be headlined by Jonas Saalbach (live) – playing his first London show – and supported by Melokoletiv and the Chapter 24 crew which includes Paul Nolan, KatrinKa and Sam Pauli.  Tickets are on RA HERE.

We’re also really excited as KartinKa is the lined up to produce our next Kittencast…. keep an eye out for that one coming early August.


kittencast 04.15 villette

VILLETTE (real name Siné Buyuka) is a London based techno & house DJ-producer who has found support for her music from the likes of John Talabot, The XX, Digatilism and Metronomy.  She has curated a number of mixes for online blogs and magazines, her most recent of which was for DJ Mag Turkey; in fact it was this mix that introduced us to Villette and led to Kittencast 04.15.

Following on from the success of Aaryon’s Kittencast last month we’re keeping things deep and melodic and Villette has picked out some superb tracks for this mix – we couldn’t wait to stick it on after reading the track listing (below).  So sit back, turn up your speakers and enjoy the wonderful sounds of Villette.

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=^..^= tracklisting =^..^=
Jager – Eclipse
Stephan Bodzin – Lila
Alex Niggeman – Gravity
J.M. Ramon, W. Medagli & Thallulah – No Infinity (Jonas Saalbach Remix)
Ruede Hagelstein – Moon Rabbit
Marc Houle – Pepper (Monkey Safari Remix)
Erhan Kesen – Everyone (Sascha Braemer Remix)
Benotmane – Abydos (Niko Schwind Remix)
Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal (George Fitzgerald Remix)
Adam Beyer – What You Need
Edu Imbernon – Dalt (John Tejada Remix)
Matador – DaHustle


stefan bodzin

Like many others, we have been waiting in great anticipation for the latest STEPHAN BODZIN LP.  Although we’ve been treated to a slurry of EP’s and collaborations from the talented producer over the years, we’ve been craving another album since LIEBE IST.  Well now our prayers have been answered by the techno gods as he has just released his latest album ‘Powers of Ten’.

It’s fair to say that Stephan Bodzin is a bit of an institution – his unique sound is often imitated but never duplicated, composing cleverly structured tracks with a very raw electronic feel to them.  We are big fans of his music (and we are in love with the album) and so were over the moon with an opportunity to chat to him about the latest album and to ask a few questions…

Hey Stephan. Thank you for taking the time to chat to us. We’re big fans of your music and so are our readers! With that in mind we’re hugely excited for your forthcoming album ‘Powers of Ten’ which is your first LP for eight years – we’re pretty sure people will have been craving another Bodzin album since Liebe Ist– why have you made us all wait so long?

Hey guys, thanks for having me here. Yeah it´s been a long time I know, for me too… it’s not that I was working all those 8 years on the new album, I just had not that initial input/output to start getting on it all the time. Maybe I needed kind of a break, as I’m producing music for more than 25 years now it was a welcome change of life for me when Liebe Ist got this successful and I had the chance touring the planet, getting out of my nerdy little studio cave for a while 😉 Anyway…it all came back with the birth of my daughter Lila 2 years ago. That deep emotional experience kind of opened those forgotten synapses up again and that was the moment when that early morning feeling came back where I felt “I must go to studio nooooow”.

The new album features ‘Singularity’, your most recent release on the seminal Life and Death imprint and a track our readers may recognise from the Tale of Us Essential Mix aired back in January this year – nearly 6 months before the album release date. Did you have Powers of Ten complete by then or have you been working on it solidly for the first half of this year? How long has the album taken from concept to release?

I started working on the album in a focused way in spring last year and finished kind of 15 tracks until the end of November. That’s when I did a kind of hard selection and decided to drop around 10 from the project. They were ok, but not perfect. So I was back on 5 tracks only… I finished the other 5 tunes all in December as I had a booked 2 month trip to South Africa and definitely wanted to have the album finished before that. Yeah I love deadlines, seriously I’m getting so much focused on what’s essential and what’s just blabla that those last 5 tracks are still the best on the album for me. Like “ix” and “wir” were made in one day, I started working on Singularity by Xmas I guess 😉

We read that you’ve taken the title of the album from a physics book – is that right?

Yes that’s right. For my second solo album I was looking for a title, a kind of concept which was 100% authentic fitting to me, my life, my philosophy – if that exists. And that book ‘Powers of Ten’ is with me now for more than 25 years, representing a part of my perspectives and the resulting way to live my life. There was actually no other option than choosing this one as title. Read it and you’ll probably understand. It´s an eye opener – to me at least, still.

The album is packed with raw electronic sounds and emotive melodies – it’s uplifting, emotional, euphoric and simply beautiful at times. You certainly have a signature sound and it’s one we’re crazy for. What artists or labels have influenced your sound over time? How do you feel your sound is evolving?

As you said, it’s a signature and I honestly have the feeling this signature grew isolated inside of me and is not too much influenced of what was happening out there over all those years. It’s more a return to my passion for melodic music, to warm bassy and analogue moods. I put so much love in this that I kind of feel emotionally exposed and naked when playing some tunes now :)

These days I’m already working a lot on new stuff and did some remixes for Marc Romboy and Pan-Pot, working on one for Rodriguez Jr. at the moment, and the sound is definitely going deeper and deeper for me. I can create melodies and like it or not, they’re growing like weeds in my head. so that’s where I am, that’s where you’ll find me in the future.

A little birdy told us you’re working on a live show for the summer. We see you’ve got gigs coming up across Europe and Australia – what can we expect?

You can expect me standing exposed in front of the booth, manipulating music in real time on a crazy crazy custom made 600 LEDs prototype-style controller which is reacting with light on every little knob I turn to let people experience a true live performance. It also comes with amazing slow-mo visuals by the outstanding artist Daniel Rossa who based on the album artwork, actually the album artwork is based on the visuals. This guy already light up the Sydney opera a few times, so expect something super nice. For the big shows I´ll bring one or two moogs of course.

Festival season is fast approaching for us here in the UK. We’re excited for the summer and some outdoor dancing – can you recommend any European festivals to check out this summer?

Don’t miss fusion-festival…..it’s sold out now though – ouch! It’s still one of the best electronic parties. I’m also looking forward to playing Tomorrowland this year….ouch sold out. hehehe. But besides that you should lookout for all those non mega-sized festivals poppin up everywhere these days: checkout Noisily Festival in UK, Picknick festival, Montpellier – I’ll be playing both.

And finally, the question we ask everyone, if you were a techno kitten for the day what would you get up to?

I would record my silly voice as long as I’’m doin this miau thing and do a track of it!!! 😉 LOL

Thanks Stephan! Really appreciate your time :)

You’re more than welcome.

Stephan Bodzin’s ‘Powers of Ten’ is out now on Herzblut Recordings (stream it below)



Field Day

Kicking off the festival season for us was London weekender and one of our favourite festivals, FIELD DAY.

We headed down for the Saturday (Saturday the focus is on electronic music; Sunday it’s all about the bands). It seemed that the weather gods were smiling down on us, blessing us with glorious sunshine for maximum festival fun. We arrived just after 1pm with our sights firmly set on the BUGGED OUT tent where we caught the tail end of Andrew Wetherall and Daniel Avery’s B2B set. Already the tent was packed full of revellers and the feel good festival vibe was in full swing. Another mighty B2B hosted there was with techno gods Ben Klock and Macel Dettman who hammered out some hefty tunes for 2.5 hours. We also caught the superbly talented John Talabot where we were whisked away with deep melodic grooves and experimental electronica.

The layout of the festival was pretty familiar to us having been to Field Day a number of times now; the stages are easy enough to reach without too much walking and the selection and diversity of the food stalls is enough to rival the likes of Glastonbury and satisfy any hungry tummy (we opted for a Salt Beef and haloumi bagel – nom). Field Day’s regular ‘sports day’ was on for another year and throughout the day we’d take a break from dancing to watch revellers competing in old school games style competitions. The VIP area was located behind the Eat Your Own Ears stage (as per usual) and had a nice relaxed vibe with private toilets, bar, DJs, hay bales to plonk your ass down on and even a wine bar – perfect to escape the hustle and bustle of the main festival.

As well as the Bugged Out tent, we also had our eyes on the EAT YOUR OWN EARS stage where throughout the day you could catch Spector, Kindness, Todd Terje & The Olsons, Django Django and Caribou. An eclectic mix– something Field Day does well. We fluttered around the site for the day but came back to the EYOE stage to catch Mr Terje perform his album live on stage with a band and dancers (unfortunately although we love the album we found it quite slow and moved on – although we heard his ‘Inspector Norse’ performance was out of this world – a little gutted we missed that to be honest!). We were also there to catch the festival headliner – the mighty CARIBOU.

Caribou’s performance was at the top of the list for us – we had to see him perform. We’re big fans of both his aliases (his other being DAPHNI) and ‘Our Love’ has been one of our favourite albums of the past 12 months (it has been hammered on repeat by both of us). With the sun down and the stage illuminated with blue and purple lighting, the setting was perfect and the atmosphere was electric. He played tune after tune from his recent album and also went to his back catalogue and treated us to a performance of ‘Sun’. The highlight of the show had to be his rendition of ‘Can’t Do Without You’ (our favourite release from the Canadian producer), particularly as the crowd sang along in unison during that epic build – it was a real goosebump moment (check out our video).

Check out his performance at the Paris Pitchfork Music Festival last year for an idea of what we’re talking about:

Yet another great day – Field Day should be proud. It certainly is one of the best London festivals going and we can’t recommend it enough.


MEandHer Techno Kittens

ME & her  are a DJ/production duo with a residency on Ibiza Global Radio.  They’re making waves in the underground techno scene and their latest EP was released Monday on Berlin imprint OFF RECORDINGS. The pair are also about to embark on a tour of Europe and India which includes a few dates at the revered Off Sonar parties. We caught up with the ladies to find out more about them and their music…

Hi ME & her, thanks for taking the time to chat to us! How is 2015 treating you so far? We see you’ve got a number of gigs in Spain and Switzerland in the next few months as well as an upcoming India tour – you must be pretty excited for all of that?

2015 has been amazing for us so far, although there were some quiet moments in the beginning of the year.

We used this time to produce new releases and now we are excited to be back on the decks for a great summer season. We love the summer and playing openair gigs. We also love traveling around the world, seeing new places, meeting new people. It’s important for us to bring our spirit to a new crowd through our music.

So what’s the techno scene like in India?

As we’ve never been to to this huge country we dont really know what to expect, but we only hear good things about india. But some DJ colleagues told us in advance that it will be an amazing experience. So we are ready to explore India and the underground scene. It seems the scene there is growing more and more each year and the people are open for our style.

You’re also playing three dates at Off Sonar later this month and you were there last year too. Sonar is on our bucket list of festivals, particularly as it’s in Barcelona and we both really love that city! Is it a festival you enjoy playing?

We love Barcelona. A very great and charismatic city and we always enjoy playing there. Sonar, especially the Off-Sonar showcases & events are a very good opportunity to meet up with our labels & with our DJ colleagues, promoters and bookers from all over the world (it’s like a family gathering for us). Its crazy to decide and coordinate schedule of playing, partying and socializing so its almost not possible to attend to every party but this chaos brings up the possibility to meet new people & artists and to discover new acts and music.

Your latest release on OFF Recordings is due out on Monday – a 3 track EP called ‘Lost’. We’ve had a sneak peek of the EP and we absolutely love it – its packed with dark, melodic techno sounds that tick all of our boxes. Is this a sound that you’re going to continue to push out? Have you got any other releases in the pipeline?

Thanks a lot! Yes that’s definitely the sound which defines us and as well it’s the sound we love and feel. The EP is perfect to show the both side of us, the emotional part in ‘Lost’ and the groovy forward going techhouse / techno influences that you will hear in ‘April’ which actually covers our melodic & dark side.

We have 4 new EPs in the pipeline and a single track release on a major label compilation, but unfortunately we can’t tell you more at the moment. But we are very excited and looking forward to reveal it soon.

A little documentary is also coming. We had a video filmer that joined us for a weekend and it will give you some insights how we are on stage and in our private life.

We’ve read that you’re determined to cement yourselves as underground techno DJs and that you have even declined larger, well paid commercial bookings so that you can focus on the more intimate and raw techno gigs. We like your approach and it’s nice to see DJs that stay true to their sound and don’t sell out, however do you think this will be harder to do as you continue to grow from your success?

To be honest, last year was a very important year for us. We were struggeling with ourselves and we tried a lot of things out to find out what we really want to achieve with our music. We just realised that we prefer to do art and play shows which we truly enjoy and at the moment we prefer to play our intense techno sounds. In this scene we are not that established right now to earn big fees.

To make clear, everything which is becoming popular is on one point commercial. We just don’t want to play gigs right now, where people expect a different sound than the music we are producing and releasing at the moment.

With our productions we never orient ourselves on the latest charts. It’s nice to enter them with our own style and our kind of music but we focus on productions that we will play in our sets, so we can put our hearts fully into it.

We’re big supporters of the ladies of the techno scene! We have a lot of love for Anja Schneider, Nina Kraviz, Miss Sunshine and more… which artists have influenced your sound and inspired you to create your music?

Jen: I grew up in the harder Techno scene of Leipzig, Berlin and Brandenburg (Germany) where I got influenced by acts like DJ Rush or Ferry S (really heard stuff … hahaha). Yeah it was a great time for me to experience hard techno beats with dark vocals or synths infront of huge soundsystem walls. I actually learned a lot from these genres for producing our own stuff. There was the female frenchcore act Sonnotek from France who really inspired me to make my way within a male dominated music scene. I always admired her courage to be on the lineup with all the male acts.

Phuong: I have to say that I’ve got influenced by many musicians of different styles like Pink floyd, D’Angelo, Dennis Ferrer to name a few randomly. The former was a big inspiration for me. My father had a great vinyl selection and I loved or still love their LP ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’. And there is one special song from the Cure calls ‘Lullaby’ which really got me from the first time I heard it and I always wanted to create my own music to touch other people as well and to share those moments with them. So combine the dark, spherical techno sound of Jen and my melancholic, a bit old school heart-touching sound of mine – that’s ME & her 

As resident DJs of Ibiza Global Radio do you visit the white isle much? What’s your favourite club on the island?

Ibiza is indeed a magical island for us. Not only for good music, people and parties but also good restaurants, wonderful beaches, beautiful landscape and some secret hidden gems. We are going to Ibiza every year and it’s our dream to live there in the next few years. We play at Blue Marlin in June and have played at Sankeys last year. We would love to play more often.

Our favourite locations are Ushuaia Ibiza, DC10 and Space. So we hope to get on the line-up of one of these venues in the future. Time will tell….

As well we are friends with Ibiza Global Radio and Sonica Ibiza. So you will hear us there for sure more often in the next few months.

And finally, if you were both techno kittens for the day what would you get up to?

We would probably jump around and do some kitty stunts and hunt after birds, mice and dogs trying to provoke them. Thank god cats have 9 lives 😉

Thanks ME & her!
‘Lost’ EP is out now on OFF Recordings | buy it here
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kittencast 03.15 Aaryon

Aaryon is an artist that we’ve followed for a few months now. Having launched his producer alias late last year, Aaryon has pushed out a number of impressive releases with a dark, techno sound on the brilliant STEYOYOKE imprint (read our interview with the label here) and has also featured recently on a number of Steyoyoke albums. We’re big fans of his music and the label, so we’re really honoured to receive a mix from him.

Kittencast 03.15 is is laced with deep, dark melodic techno cuts – typical of Aaryon’s sound and one that we are certain that you are going to enjoy.

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=^..^= tracklisting =^..^=
Unreleased – Promo
VVEEAA – Przed Latem (Original Mix) Parquet Recordings
Sasch- Teenage Lovers (Sandro Golia Remix) Exotic Refreshment
Unreleased – Promo
Khen – Arnica Montana (Original Mix) Parquet Recordings
KatrinKa – Echo Gnomic (Just Her Remix) Charapter 24
Alexey Union – Paris Trip (Original Mix) Dear Deer
Unreleased – Promo
Thomas Schumacher – Freiburg (Original mix) Electric Ballroom
Solee – Phoenix (AKA AKA & Thalstroem Remix) Parquet Recordings


Tune after tune after tune in this bumper playlist…

        1. Padre Ft Jova | Chasing Mirrors (Christian Löffler Remix) – Gorgeous & dreamy. We love the chopped vocals
        2. Jekyll | The Gardener (Original Mix) – Minimalistic electronica with a bouncy bass
        3. Butler & Bontan ft. Vula | Live My Life – Dance floor filler, real house banger with sassy vocals n’all. BOOM.
        4. Irregular Expression | Philip Glass – Delicate piano & soft beats – smooth
        5. Plastikman | Ask Yourself (Angelo Lomelo Remix) – Warping, thudding techno sounds
        6. Roland Klinkenberg | Musicalife – Atmospheric, echoing sounds – this one has a lot of depth
        7. Nicole Moudaber | Her Dub Material – Deep & dubby from this techno queen
        8. Sasha | Ether – Sasha adds another dance floor filler to his catalogue of many
        9. Hayden James | Something About You – Feel good house vibes ooze from this summery track
        10. Akase | Rust – Midland’s alter ego and a step away from his bassy club sound
        11. Rob Etherson | The Z List – Acid vibes!.  This one is MASSIVE!
        12. Spartaque | Molly Hates This – Serious techno sounds from this track. Phwoar.



We love melodic electronica.  It’s for that reason that we love Berlin imprint EINMUSIKA. They consistently deliver the musical goods and this, their latest release, will set your endorphins free.

Titled I.D.C., the nine track LP is the 4th album from founding father EINMUSIK and its packed with more emotive electronica than you can shake a stick at. The album builds with momentum with an overarching, deep-minimalistic sound that’s echoed by other labels such as STEYOYOKE. My pick of the album has to be ‘Sleep Talk’ – a pulsing track with oscillating synths that’s laced with the soft vocals of Valentine. The strings and driving bass line of ‘Dawn’ makes this an uplifting, feel good track – something that Kolsch fans would really enjoy. ‘You’ is a collaboration with Jonas Saalbach and brings a melancholic feel to the album with minor chords and atmospheric sounds. The penultimate closing tack ‘Parthey’ features piano jams and bouncy bass which brings an unexpected house vibe to the album but sets up the energetic closing track ‘Symmetry’ nicely.

I.D.C is released on 29th May on EINMUSIKA.